Hi all,

A few days ago, I mentioned in a thread that I would contact IAMBIC/SplashData to find out whatever happened about porting Agendus for the webOS platform.

Last year when SplashData bought IAMBIC, they had a page up on their site saying they intended portage of Agendus for webOS. Many of you have mentioned that a strong planner/calender app such as DateBK would be a welcome addition. (Keep in mind, my 2 year contract of my Centro just ended last October, therefore, I have not yet been able to enjoy webOS, (I am waiting like many of you, for the Pre 3 or to see what else they will announce in the next few weeks/months)....

I have given up on DateBK...the owner just isn't interested in porting to webOS...in fact he has not answered my last 2 emails. However, the last time I did hear from him, was when he INSISTED that Palm and web/OS would sell for pocket change trading on what was left of Palm's name as good will.

That was before HP's intentions of buying Palm was made public....if that be the case $1.2 billion is a lot of pocket change...I know that may be the kind of money that Bill Gate's finds in his counch...but to me...it's mega $!

Therefore, I started looking into Agendus to see when and if it would be available for webOS.

I am posting my email to them and their answer back...it wasn't a yes with a time frame, it was more of a maybe....

However, I think HP's size and clout will help either IAMBIC/SplashData port it to webOS and/or pressure from us by contacting IAMBIC/SplashData will help as well. If not there is always the route that we can all pester the heck out of Palm/HP over this! (So sorry I am Jewish, after all we invented Guilt, LOL, Guilt has been very good to my people)!

I am just trying to be a facilitator to get a GREAT calender/planner up and running for webOS, since DateBK is the one app that I use on my Centro dozens of times a day!

If you want a strong, proven Calender/planner with multiple alarms & reminders, PLEASE contact IAMBIC/SplashData at:

iambic Support Center - Find help, answers, usage suggestions and get in touch with the Support Team about any of the iambic titles

It also would help to email and/or call Palm urging them to either put out software like DateBK or Agendus. I have suggested to Palm that they should just make a financial offer to one of these companies they can't refuse!

Once again, since I haven't used webOS as of yet, is it possible that one of the resident Genus' in the Home Brew Community can cook up a calender/planner that is as powerful and as feature rich as Agendus or DateBK?
My email to IAMBIC/SplashData:

Good day,

Shortly after SplashData purchased your firm and it's software, there was a posting from SplashData indicating that Agendus would be ported to the webOS platform.

Since then as you know Palm was sold and HP, after all is the 8,000 # gorilla became the owner of webOS.....

That means that HP has the marketing savvy and funds to make webOS an huge success....after all it did spend $1.2 billion for Palm/webOS let alone all of the funds to develop additional software & hardware.

HP has already informed the webOS community that it will be putting a version of webOS made to work in conjunction with windows on all of it's PC's and computers....

Since we know for sure that webOS is here to stay and that HP is providing the labor and and skill to port webOS from other platforms.

Therefore, can you please update me as to the status of Agendus for webOS?

Thank you and take care,

Jay M Silverman

The response to my email:

Hi Jay,

The SplashData team is working on existing platforms currently. They would like to develop for WebOS in the future, but no timeline has been given at this point. The priority at this point is to first update the existing platforms and then move to porting to newer platforms. What I would suggest is to follow us via the links in my signature. When we are ready, we will announce news there.



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