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    People should start sending emails to LiveProfile and request it be ported to webOS. IMO, LiveProfile beats any cross platorm messenger app out there and is the closest to BBM. The user-interface is much cleaner and richer on LiveProfile. So far it has been released on both iPhone, Android, and shortly on Blackberry. I've asked one of the developers of LiveProfile if webOS was on their roadmap and they said they are considering it. We should continue to show them that LiveProfile on webOS would be amazing especially having intuitive notifications like webOS provides. Let's continue to bug them that we want it on webOS!!! Here is a look at the app on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. LiveProfile - Stay Connected

    *It's 100% free and utilizes your existing data plan or wifi. It does not use your texting plan.
    *You can see when messages are delivered, read, or when the other person is typing a message. All for FREE and within just milliseconds.
    *Like the name suggest LiveProfile is more than just a messenger. It includes profiles, pictures, status messages, and much more.

    Contact them at:
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    what benefits does this offer thats not in the standard messaging app??
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    Synergy service would be enough imo, but i like the idea of a texting alternative that is available on all major platforms.
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    I thought I read somewhere the Blackberry was releasing its BBM to other platforms.

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    i'm assuming this was just released on BB today because apparently, everyone on my facebook now has it that has a BB
    Apparently quite popular today
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    I would much prefer Kik over LiveProfile. Kik has a much better user experience IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    what benefits does this offer thats not in the standard messaging app??
    it does not hurt to have increased means of inter communication guys.the more apps we have the better the platform will become because of competition.OP do you think we should petition them to port over to webos?
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    Right now webOS doesn't have the capabilities. Something like LiveProfile, Kik, etc. needs some form of push notifications.

    Whatever happened to the mojo messenger API?!
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    it can work same as google talk works on the second and all other instant messaging yes this I also think this is the best messaging app after bbm and webos should get it same as bb android iphone
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    I don't want a second messaging app, I want more Synergy plugins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    I don't want a second messaging app, I want more Synergy plugins.
    webOS is unique in itself that it does offer synergy services.

    No point on having an "app" just for the sake of having more apps. Utilize what makes webOS strong.
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    live profile as a synergy plugin bro!
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    I support live profile and would like to see it on webOS. I have been considering moving to a BB butilove webOS and how unique it is to other OS so I really can't leave it love it wayyyyyyy to much. But liveprofule would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zalmy2 View Post
    live profile as a synergy plugin bro!
    That I can get behind!
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    I have just e-mailed them and they said that they are curently working on the liveprofile app for webos!!! They said that the estimated time it will take to do is currently unavailable but who cared because... LIVEPROFILE IS COMING TO WEBOS WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    This is cool if it's true. Did they mention if they are making a full app or a synergy plugin (or both)?

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