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    I notice when my Sprint Pre minus running webOS 2.1 goes into Exhibition Mode, my battery percentage patch does not carry through and it reverts back to the stock graphical representation of a battery. Is it possible to make a patch for this? Would anybody care to do it?

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    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    I concur, I started a thread complaining about the lack of development for exhibition mode. You lose the bluetooth & wi-fi indicators as well.
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    Ya, I like exhibition mode, its just lacking in support right now and in this development purgatory we're in right now, I'm guessing it will probably be a few months till we see anything (if we see anything).
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    Now that the SDK/PDK is released, will this be pursued?
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    +1 to supporting wifi, percent, and other icons in exhibition.
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    Any updates in this field lately?

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