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    Hi all,

    Here is a posting I just made when I was reading at Today's presentation by Leo. People we are salespeople and cheer leaders...our JOB is to make sure we can get as many people to try & adopt webOS as their platform....we are also salespeople and cheer leaders to help get as many apps written for the webOS platform.

    Yet so many of the comments are angry & bitter....Growing yup my Folks tressed the fact if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything....

    Here is my posting from the front page article about Leo's presentation. I am putting my $ where my mouth is and being a salesperson and cheer leader.... now I want all those that whiny in he comment section to stop carrying on and help get this platform up and running by singing the praises of it!

    By ilovedessert on Mon, 14 Mar 2011 11:20:22 EDT
    +0HI all,

    I don't get you people...way too many of you have WAY to many negative comments....The REAL bottom line here, is that HP has just shown the app community that it means business and wants as many WebOS apps written as soon as possible!

    As far as ti being bloatware, that a bunch of nonsence...I know a number of people in their 90's that know how to remove unwanted programs...

    BTW who says webOS will be unwanted....I am SURE completely POSITIVE that HP is leveraging it's huge sales and the fact that it is 8 million pound gorilla to make more webOS apps available asap!


    Also keep in mind HP WANTS to have as many webOS apps as possible for another reason...the more successful that webOS is on PC's and laptops the more clout that HP has to keep MS licensing fees at bay!

    In many , many ways it's in HP's best interest to get webOS out there and in many hands as possible..


    Take care all,

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    I think webos on a pc and laptops is an awesome idea, because i believe it soleves a fundamental problem when it comes to computing.

    The problem is when it comes to computers you have two choices windows or apple. For someone like me who is very tech savvy windows is fine, but for young kids and teens, and older folks, and basically anyone who is not fairly tech savvy windows can be a disaster. from viruses to spyware, adware, slow downs, crashes, bloatware, taskmanager, and other complexities it could be a nightmare. Then you have apple which is much simpler but out of a lot of peoples price range, wayy toooo expensive. Also apples OS is a little complex as well for the above mentioned crowd.

    Thats why webos on a pc would be awesome for those types of people, whether it is the sole OS of a netbook, or dualboot on a desktop PC it would be an excellent choice for people that need to do basic things....web browsing, email, playing games, using apps.

    Now parents can let their kids use their computers without fear...I think there is a big untapped potential for a pc based os that is very simple and cheap. I mean comeon the only choices are windows and all its problems, or apple and is expensive price.
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    I can't yet envision how this will work, but I can't wait to see what they have in mind!
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    It's dangerous to assume and to have specific hopes, but I do this all the time.
    I hope that, in addition to running webOS apps, we will be able to sync files between computer / tablet / phone just by being on the same wi-fi network and/or touch-to-share.

    I think having webOS on the computer could bring us closer to this goal. I doubt I could write the program to do it, but I'll try if necessary.
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