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    I've been a huge fan of the original palm pilot. I was given an original palm back in 2k. I used it religiously until 05 when I got a T5 tungsten. It was my life blood until it was stolen out of my cart @ sams club in 06.

    Cut to 09, I got the original pre from sprint. Now it is my life... It's my phone and, with the exception of document editing and a keyboard option, it serves as my laptop.

    Cut to today. My best friend called me to inform me that his wife was searching for something in his car and found my tungsten sitting in a pocket.

    I was absolutely speechless.

    When it disappeared, I had to readapt my life without a pda.

    Now I can compare the two technologies side by side and I have to say there is NO COMPARISON AT ALL.

    The screen resolution, the crap browser,versamail, the games... Granted they all had their use for their time. But to today's standards, my tungsten is a hulking relic.

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    Can relate and I had a behemoth Zodiac 2 that rocked with 2 SD slots. Still have my Zodiac 2, but would I go back...not likely.

    Completely different world we now live in. Sorli...
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    how strange and fast time flies.

    still feels like yesterday I was working at the source by circuit city (canada radio shack) during university in 2005 where feature phones and flip phones were the thing.
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    I still have my m105 in a closet somewhere, and my tungsten C is in its cradle next to the office desktop. Not that i use it, but if i unplug it, the memory will go bye bye. I like to play with the tungsten C from time to time though, its amazing how far we have come.
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    I remember it was just 3 or 4 years ago I used to think my friend's Sidekick was really cool. Now they need to put Android on it to revive the brand.

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