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    Should Palm try to replace standard gestures (like Back) with multi-finger gestures also on the phones in the longterm. Because otherwise we will get a fragmentation not only on webos version level, but also on user experience level. It will be odd to use the same app differently on a Pre phone and a HP TouchPad (even more after tap-to-share), though this will be the case at least for this year.

    But i also can only hardly imagine how i could use a 4 Finger gesture to switch through my cards on a 2.6inch HP Veer screen

    Video how apple does this, at around 30 seconds:

    How to enable multitasking gestures in iOS 4.3 -- Engadget
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    Sounds like a good option. I see fragmentation already happening with the back button being placed at different locations on the current apps. This is really a disappointing experience.
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    yep, they need to make the back button a fixed thing accorss every app. add in a back gesture plus a way to switch between apps and a way to split 2 apps in one screen or at the very least preview a second app. If they do this the TP will rock -=X
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    Quote Originally Posted by coughdrops View Post
    I see fragmentation already happening with the back button being placed at different locations on the current apps.
    It is more inconsistence than fragmentation, but in any case, wouldn't harm webOS to have refined UI.
    Some sort of gestures without dedicated gesture area wouldn't harm webOS ether.
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    I forgot who mentioned it in an earlier thread but I love the idea of replacing the gesture area with swipes from the left and right bezel.
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    Gestures with more than two fingers are too much.

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    If new gestures are to be implemented, they'd better be new. The last thing webOS needs is the convoluted "thumb-and-three-finger" swirling gestures Apple is building into Lion.

    HP needs to innovate, and soon. Even if webOS starts getting a foothold in the market again, it's going to start feeling stale very soon without some major refreshes in usability, IMO.
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    There were multiple posts of multifinger gesture swipes in multiple threads before the touchpad was even released. This was a suggestion to the missing gesture area. Funny how it seem to fade away only to come back again, just like other topics.
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    if new gestures r available, i like to swipe down to kill cards and swipe up to send cards/ instruction to another webOS device as like in "PUSH" gesture.

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