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    There is quite a bit being said about the Developer Network these days. While I do agree that this is a good thing, there is a part of the Palm Network that is being grossly overlooked, those of us who sell Palm Products.

    Several of my peers and I genuinely believe that a significant part of Palm's market share problem is that no one is, per se, trying to get us excited about the products that are coming to market. Dozens of "Sales Professionals" that I have spoken with consider Palm to be the product of last resort rather than the flagship offering that it deserves to be.

    We all know that bringing a compelling product to market is critical to success in this ultra-competitive market. At the same time, reigniting the passions of sales partners is every bit as critical. I think it is vitally important that HP/Palm engage the sales channels more. Since we are on the front line of the market share battle, our feedback could literally mean the difference in whether or not Palm gets out of its rut.

    This is just my two sense. It would be great if other people felt the same way.
    Matthew Sherro,
    General Manager/Owner, the Quotients Group
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    So you're saying you want something like this:

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