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    My company switched from Sprint to T-Mobile, and my number was just ported from my Pre to my Android MyTouch 4G. The MyTouch is a cool phone - it's fast - lots of Apps. The T-Mobile service even seems superior so far. But I already miss my Pre. Most of all, being able to swipe between running apps - the Android doesn't even come close!

    I was one of the very first adopters of the Pre in June 2009. I was so anxious for it that I even paid full retail since my contract was not up for renewal - ouch! But first Palm, and now HP - what are they waiting for? Getting left in the dust once again, I fear.

    Anyway - it's been fun. Sorry to go. Now I'm a "Droid". Sounds so foreign.
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    The Pre came out in June 6th 09 but why do you have to be on your company plan? Two phones is better than one.
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    From what the rumor mill reports, you might even be going back to Sprint if the Sprint-T-Mobile merger is true.

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