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    pre will be the 360 of smartphones.. people like xbox live because of how the content is brought together in a visually pleasing way.. heck it looks similar to webOS...
    Wouldn't WP7 be the 360 of smartphones, and how does Xbox Live look anything remotely like WebOS? Back to topic though, The great thing about HP is they got a ton of cash, it just depends on what their threshold is that they wanna spend that determines if WebOS succeeds or fails. They cant really think the Pre 3 is gonna outsell anything, at least not if they truly believe in a "reboot" of brand. So, the success of Pre 4, 5 and so on will be determined by how much HP wants to spend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caromsoft View Post
    When I saw this thread I immediately thought of the NeXT computer

    NeXT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    One of my co-workers had one as his personal computer in 89-90, and brought it in for us to look at. It was VERY advanced at the time. It was like looking into the future. His had the optical hard drive (instead of a traditional drive) and it had ongoing problems, so much so that NeXT replaced it eventually with a standard drive. After the replacement Steve Jobs called him personally to apologize for the problems.

    That Wikipedia entry looks a lot like what could happen with WebOS and the Pre/Pixi eventually if HP isn't able to turn things around.
    Actually, it didn't turn out that badly for NeXT in the end. Apple bought them and NeXTSTEP became the basis of Mac OS X. HP bought Palm and webOS has the chance to become something big...
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