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    I've used just about every Palm device there is. From the original Palm Pilot to the 755p. While I've found the Palm/Treo's system to be very easy to use, I figured it was a time for an upgrade, so I gave WebOS a try.

    Now plainly this is a more updated phone in a great number of ways. In terms of multimedia, internet browsing and such there is no comparison.

    But I've had some problems. For example, I use alarms and reminders a lot. But WebOS only allows me the choice of a few "alarm" tones, including the ring tones. But Treo used to sound an alarm that was hard to miss and more or less keep sounding until you dismissed or snoozed it. With WebOS, I get a very short, quiet little tone that gives me about a second or less of reminder and then stops. I much prefer the Treo-type alarm or reminder. Can you imagine if your bedside alarm clock chirped for half a second and then shut itself off? That's how I feel about the WebOS alarms and reminders.

    But if that isn't bad enough, the alarms and reminders keep turning themselves off! It seems to have something to do with temporarily turning the unit to silent or vibrate, but then when I turn the ringer back on, the event reminder is still set at vibrate (sometimes, but not always).

    I called Palm to try and diagnose the problem and they had me do a partial reset, assuring me that my contacts would be backed up on the Palm server. But what happened instead was that over 700 contacts were lost forever! Fortunately I still had those contacts on Treo and the Palm Desktop, but it would have been a real disaster if I was a new user and this happened.

    I also miss being able to password protect individual contacts so that they are not visible in any way. I have confidential information and with WebOS I cannot protect/hide individual files.

    I further miss the Treo's search function. Let's say I was looking for the contact entry Palm Inc and I typed in a memo that Alonzo was very helpful. I could just type in Alonzo and I'd see the entry. With WebOS, I can only search the first couple of words.

    Furthermore, with Treo, I could create contact categories (New York, clients, travel, etc). Can't do that with WebOS either.

    Oh, and the signal strength in my location is much worse than with Treo. I'm getting zero to three bars (usually 0-2) on WebOS where with Treo I received a much stronger signal. My mother is often telling me to switch back to the landline where she never did that with Treo. I called Verizon and they forced my home signal to a different tower, but that didn't help much.

    I plainly understand that Treo and WebOS are two entirely different operating systems, but I really miss some of these features. Is there any chance that WebOS 2.0 will restore any of these missing features? Are there any apps that restore some of the aforementioned features?

    Is is common for Palm's server to completely lose backup info? This is a major issue, imo. Any idea what's up with the event reminder tone that keeps switching itself back to silent? Any other thoughts?

    It's a cool little device and I can see that the operating system has some real positives, but I also have some concerns obviously.
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    What device are you using and what operating system?

    With the latest operating system 2.1, you would be able to type Alonzo and find the entry in email or memos.

    Re: Palm and backup reliability, I would have another method anytime I am saving my data to the cloud. For eg you could backup to vcf file and export before you erase or use Google as your main account.

    Regarding alarms, you should be able to set up your own tone. I used to have the first few bars of a rap song, and it would wake me up for sure. Try looking for free music ringtones app in preware.
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    Coming from a PIM-heavy environment like PalmOS, as I did, that works as well as PalmOS does/did, you are going to find a lot of these little disappointments in WebOS.

    The hope is that it catches up to where it was, but its *most* definitely not there yet.

    (and I am speaking of an untweaked/non-homebrew phone - I am sure someone else can set the OP on the path of patches and such that fix these issues)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    What device are you using and what operating system?
    My phone is a Pixi Plus running 1.4.5 on Verizon's network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stockjock View Post
    My phone is a Pixi Plus running 1.4.5 on Verizon's network.
    too bad, I upgraded myself and colleague to 2.1 this past week so we would have the better search capabilities it offers. But there is no 2.1 offered for pixi plus, only for preplus. I bought an extra testing phone for Verizon Preplus and I put 2.1 on it as 2.1 is not available over the air, one has to go through a process and run a script in order to install it so I wanted to test it first on an extra phone before I put in on our main phones (it works fine).

    If you want my testing device, you can buy it from me at the cost I paid for it on ebay (see my post in the marketplace, link below). You can add the preplus to your VZW account as I think they will let you switch between the two phones as needed without extra cost as long as one is turned off and made inactive for that period (or you can put the pixi on pageplus, make it into a wifi device only like an ipod touch, or sell it.)
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    I was a committed Treo addict but made the transition to the Pre and with patches (tweaks) and certain apps, I have found the Pre to be every bit as accommodating as the Treo for my needs. Give the Pre some time and get acquainted with Preware and all the Homebrew stuff and I'm sure you will find your evolution to be a positive one.
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    if you just got the pixi, maybe you could return it (14 days?) and get the pre2. I think with the contract renewal it's free now. I think I saw something about it on the main page. That will have 2.0 or something operating system
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    I think what you do depends on your level of interest in spending time getting your phone do what you want, how you want it. If you like fiddling with your phone, installing and uninstalling apps and patches, then i would say stick with webOS. If not, go back to your Treo and try the OS again in a year or so when HP has their act together.

    If you do decide to stick with webOS I agree with the previous post that you should upgrade to the Pre, instead of the Pixi. A lot of development work has only been done for the Pre. The Pre has a better processor, camera, and still has a full QWERTY keyboard. Also, it is now upgradable to webOS 2.1, which includes new features, and a lot of "under the hood" improvements. At this stage in the game both the Pixi and Pre are so cheap they should be free (or very cheap) on a 1-year contract, or even off contract. Get a Pre+.

    If you're going to stick with webOS the first thing you need to do is install Preware. This is a package manager that will give you easy access to all of the homebrew out there. This is where you'll find the customizations that you need to get some of your Treo functionality back.

    To answer your questions:
    - You can use any audio file for the alarms. If you don't like what is included, find an .mp3 that will work for you, and assign that as your alarm tone.
    - The next thing to do is install UberCalendar. This is a collection of improved functions, including repeating any calendar reminders until you dismiss them (i believe). There is also a Repeat Calendar (or something like that) patch which will do that as well.
    - Contacts: i would stop using the Palm Profile to sync your contacts. You can export your contacts to a .vcf file, which can then be read by Google, Yahoo, or others. The Palm Profile is unreliable, IMO, and you're better off with Google. See this thread for a how to on exporting contacts:
    - I don't know what the best way to password protect contacts is, but this forum will help you if google can't. You could always use a program like Keyring (which is a password vault) to store contacts.
    - The search in webos 1.4.5 (what your pixi has) is not the best, and your calendar and other things aren't searchable. This is improved in webos 2.1, which can be put onto the Pre (with some technical savvy).
    - One of the benefits of webOS is the "just type" feature. This allows you to quickly find any contact. You could simply add a note to any contacts that you wanted grouped together, and they should come up. Or, in 2.1 there is the "favorites" option, for grouping contacts.
    - As far as signal strength goes, you should update your PRL. This is done by launching the phone and typing *228 and choose option 2. This will update your tower list, and you may get better reception.

    As i said. If you want your webOS device to do what your treo did, you're going to need to spend some time on it.

    If you do stick with it, definitely ditch the Pixi though. It's EOL, and unless HP releases another phone like it, so is the form factor.

    Edit: one more thing - If you have any applications from your Treo that haven't been ported to webOS (an offline navigation program, for example) there is an application called "classic" that emulates PalmOS and allows you to run those apps. See this link for more info:
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    Thanks for the comments and assistance! Is there any definitive word as to whether or not an upgrade to 2.0 will be offered on the Pre Plus? Sounds like that isn't going to happen for Pixi Plus, correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stockjock View Post
    Thanks for the comments and assistance! Is there any definitive word as to whether or not an upgrade to 2.0 will be offered on the Pre Plus? Sounds like that isn't going to happen for Pixi Plus, correct?
    The word is that an official, HP, OTA update will not be forthcoming. 2.1 is available through completely legal means to put on the Pre, though, so this is a non-issue.
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    See the story on the main page:

    That didn't take long: Verizon Pre 2 now available for free | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community

    The Pre2 is much faster (1Ghz), has more RAM, and is already WebOS 2.
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    I just wish Palm had developed a webkit browser for Palm OS as well on top of webOS. Maybe IF possible use the same webkit browser for both systems. It still would have been fun to have Palm OS still here, till webOS took off.
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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