Ok, first let me say this is off topic, but aparently I don't have enough posts yet to do this there so I thought I'd try here. A few months ago I swapped for a Samsung Intercept, an Android phone. I never intended to use it as a phone, but it's one heckuva PDA. It's no near my Pixi Plus though, IMO. Anywayz, I'm no longer using it as anything as I'm figuring out my Pixi day by day and it does everything I can do on the Android, so I thought I'd post it for sale on Craigslist. Where I ran into a small problem.

Immediately I got a buyer, but only then did I try to check the esn to see if it's clean. It isn't. Aparently the previous owner forgot to pay their bill for a long period of time. Now I have no way to contact them on this, not that it would do me any good anyway.

So my question, is there a way for me to unlock the phone? Or if I'm actually going to be stuck with it, which isn't a bad thing at all, what can I do with it? The only problem with it is it won't stay connected to wi-fi, other than that it's a very fine PDA, but I never intended to activate it as a phone and still don't. BTW it's a Sprint phone.