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    OK, I tried a Pre Plus over the weekend, and it's back to the box and giving it to a friend's pre-teen daughter. Great phone for the young ones, but it doesn't work for me. Few apps really hurts, much more than I thought. I use Bing and CardScan continually, and they aren't available, nor is a substitute other than Verizon's VZ Nav for $10 per month. (Bing is free). The Blackberry OS can't carry WebOS' jock, much faster and smoother, easier to use and more intuitive, but the screen size, keyboard, and lack of these apps made it nearly impossible for me to use. Am sure WebOS 2.0 would make me drool, however, the machine can't match.
    Guess I'll wait and see about Pre 3. Hope touchpad is as good as advertised.
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    I run Google Maps, Sprint Nav, and Bing (YPMobile) on my Pre-

    You should just try that (Minus the Sprint Nav, obviously, if you're on VZ)

    You can try Navit, too. It's a free GPS that is multiplatform, and doesn't require pulling data from the cell towers for mapping.

    Also there's a lot more apps if you install Preware and gets some homebrew apps installed

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