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    My screen does not come back on and stay on when I get notifications with the screen off.

    At night when I place on the touchstone, I press the power button to turn the screen off. When I receive an email or other notification just my notification light flashes (slow for email, fast for text). The screen does not come back on.
    That's how mine is too. Certainly an improvement on the old clock on touchstone behaviour where turning off the screen was not an option (without patching).

    Actually, I rather like having the clock on by my bed. I got rid of my old clock when I first got my Pre and just use it now.

    'course, there are lots of possibilities for enhanced exhibition modes though. I would like to see one which shows the time, weather and upcoming appointments on one screen.
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    <bump>ing this to try and get an answer on a fix for this.
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    Another small thing that is a bit annoying imo, is that notifications (when opened) in Exhibition Mode just look like they were opened in "normal" Mode, the greyish look kind of destroys the nice glass look of the mode. Its something palm should definatly improve in a future update.
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    I've created a new thread as a patch request for keeping the screen off after notifications:
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    I've just submitted an Exhibition app ("Nightstand") that'll just put up a black background - it'll be free in the App Catalog and should be available in a couple of days. It won't actually turn off the screen - that'll probably need to be a homebrew app or patch, but if I find a way to do it officially, I'll add it into the program in a later update.
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    Nightstand is available now. Let me know how effective it is for you.
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