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    On mine and my wife's phone some wikipedia pages don't load as their mobile site. Some do some don't, never happened before today. Is it just us or have you guys been noticing this too?
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    I've got the same problem. Just got a new Pre, and I noticed that the desktop site would "flash" briefly before the mobile site loaded. Now, the mobile site doesn't load at all...No idea what's going on, but I'm still researching.
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    Well, for now I have fixed the problem by going once to Wikipedia. After I did that, it's working ok, even with Universal Search.good luck.
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    it works fine when using wiki in universal search, but not a link from google or whatnot.
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    I'm having the same issue as well recently.
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    this is happening for me, too -- goes directly to mobile site in universal search, doesn't redirect when i follow a link. (last time there was a redirect issue something had to be fixed on Wikipedia's end, if i recall correctly.)

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