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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    can you upload the ipk?
    This is just ypmobile. It's been in the app catalog for a long time. No need to 'extract' it from another build of webos. It just comes pre-loaded on At&t devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    Both would be better, just like we get an option on who we can have as our default search engine. All the evidence so far points to Bing only though...
    I just watched the 3.0 sdk vid again, and in Just Type one of the searches was Google Maps. (54 second mark) Its probably just something not in the final release, but keeps me positive. It could also be just a websearch within that opens in the now Browser app. Hopefully we have a choice or at least a google maps patch.
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    I don't like the bing thing...that is all I can say about that.
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    I'd love to welcome Bing maps, because they do have good information where I live including transit info (just not for the Microsoft on-campus shuttles of course but I usually walk anyway so that's fine), but Bing is completely lacking something I do use quite regularly: cycling directions.
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