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    This is a bad *** Denali.

    Its on HD Theater. New HP "slates" have been mentioned, and Palm phones. They haven't gotten to the close ups yet.
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    don't have cable. Can you record some for youtube? Or maybe it's on hulu?

    good catch!
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    WHAAA??? They announced that they are going to announce the HP Slate. Yes. SLATE. This is a brand new episode, discussing products they are excited to launch this year. And "one of their Palms" .
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    i dont get the channel either but its the premiere of west coast customs, here is a snippet from their website

    ""Working with HP has given me a new 'passion' for technology and has made me realize how much it is integrated into my business," said Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO, West Coast Customs. "To make this truck stand out from the corporate crowd, we're going to give it the ultimate paint job with the HP logos ghosted around the car, topped off with a custom blue grille and blue rims. Inside the truck we'll mount the new webOS Palm phones into the headrests to make this a mobile wi-fi hot spot wherever it goes. The back of the Denali will be totally decked out, having 2 of HP's latest laptop's. Also featuring HP's TouchSmart PC and a couple of 22" monitors. Add in a thumpin' sound system and wrap the back in blue HP leather and this truck is good to go."
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    I'll post vids tomorrow. I can't believe they put in a slate over the touchpad.
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    Slate was ready tp wasn't. Not that hard to believe.
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    Here's the "ad" for the show episode featuring the HP Denali. I'm not crazy about the paint but it's a pretty sweet truck.
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    HP had tweeted some stuff about this a few days ago.
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    They had this since Dec 2010. No way they were going to have the Touchpad that was introduced Feb9, 2011
    HP pimps their ride with a Slate

    The World Famous West Coast Customs® » Blog Archive » WCC x HP Denali – Vancouver, Canada
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    yep, that is definitely the windows slate
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    Here's some vid
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    I just came across it my self after seeing it on a west coast customs show today. Don't know what HP was planning or thinking but here is a link with pics form Nov 10, 2010:

    ...The World Famous West Coast Customs® » Blog Archive » WCC x HP Denali...

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