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    How exactly do I run this file so that I can get back into my Pre Plus without signing into my profile (just bought a new Pixi Plus). I've downloaded the zip file from the Palm Developer site offical instructions about using an unactivated phone.

    But all that's in the zip files is a:

    COM / META-IN / and Org folder. I can't find the jar devicetool.jar file anywhere.

    And when I go to a command line and type this in, all I get is a "Could Not Create the Java Virtual Machine" error.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure what zip file you downloaded, but the jar file is linked on the following Palm site: Developing on an Unactivated Device - HP Palm Developer Center

    The direct link to the jar file is here:
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    I had to uninstall Zip for the jar file to properly come across. But there is still a problem.

    On the HP site it says:

    3.Run the activation-bypass tool from the command line by issuing the following command: java -jar devicetool.jar

    When I double click on the devicetool jar file, nothing happens, the screen may flicker or something minute but nothing else. No, program pops up, no cmd line option and the phone (which is in recovery mode with the USB icon showing) does not reboot.

    I have a Win 7 Alienware PC with the newest version of Java, the webOS PDK and the Palm emulater runs fine, as well as Webos Internals software. I have no idea what to do at this point. I simply need to get back on my Pre Plus to get some critical information off of it.

    Kind of annoying that Palm made it such a hassle to use your own phone, if it doesn't have service :-)
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    I don't know, but maybe it is a command line program.
    Open cmd (Start -> run -> "cmd.exe"), go into the folder you downloaded the .jar ("cd /d X:\path\to\the\folder" -> press enter) and then run the jar: "java -jar devicetool.jar", press enter.
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    right click devicetool.jar select open with or open, select Java (TM) Platform binary.
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    I had this problem as well and I realized that my computer was downloading the file, which should have an extension of .jar, as a .zip file.

    To solve this I "saved link as" switched the file type to all and changed the extension to ".jar".

    Hope this helps!
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    in 4 step you can use the palm pixi plus

    1-run webos doctor
    2-when restarting don unpluge the usb and take battry out
    3-take volume up+down+power on
    4- run devicetool and enjoy the palm
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    Your instructions are incorrect in certain respects.

    1. Get Novacom drivers (which will automatically install if you run Doctor, though it installs an outdated version)
    2. Don't leave your device plugged in if you're running Doctor if you don't want it erased.
    3. Reboot, hold Vol+ to boot into USB Recovery mode. You may possibly have to use the Doctoring procedure to get it there, but don't keep Doctor running.
    4. Run activation bypass tool.
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