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    I am hesitant to lose my favorite patches and my favourite tethering app. But I am tempted
    freetether works on the Pre2, and it is fantastic. Better than the MHS that came with the phone!
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    Let me say I enjoyed the article, and even as an ex-WebOS and current Android user (Epic 4G), I can certainly admit that WebOS multitasking is more intuitive and even reliable than Android. It is true that when I move away from the Engadget app, it doesn't always reliably come back to the exact article. Same goes for Pulse. Mog. TweetDeck. A few others.

    It's certainly something that HP and WebOS users should be proud of, and it's unique among mobile operating systems.

    That being said, it's more than compensated for by the fact that I CAN use Mog (murders GrooveShark, IMO) or Pulse or TweetDeck. Or choose between a tabbed browser or a mini browser or Firefox or whatever. Or that there's so much platform momentum, I can try other choices if those apps don't do it for me anymore. Or that both the specific manufacturer I use and the platform have a very certain future - both near term and long term. Or that in the same time I've had it (5.5 months) with no hardware issues, I went through 4 "original" Pre phones.

    And even if I was willing to look past of all of that and throw it to the side, there's the sad fact that there's nothing to come back to. 1.4.5 is still the official build. The same hardware from 23 months ago isn't even on my carrier, but I could pick up a "used" one if I cared to. New hardware has been announced, but we have no idea when or on what carriers. Major app momentum is at a standstill now.

    I'm happy for the OP. But I, too, am not going back anytime in the foreseeable future.
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    I would have liked the response if it stopped at the end of the second paragraph. Thats' when it departed from thoughts on the article and started working why you don"t/won't use a webOS phone. :-(
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