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    So far, no matter what a blockbuster the iPhone or iPad is, we WebOS supporters would say iOS without multitasking is nothing compared to WebOS. It seems that the intuitive way of multitasking has become the only advantage and last defend line of WebOS.

    I think Jobs may know this even better than us and I think he wouldn't let that be the truth for too long. It is very possible that the iOS5 that will be announced this summer is equipped with native multitask.

    What would the iOS version of multitasking be like? I don't know. But if we take a look at the history iPhone and iPad, we would easily find that every time Apple announce a new thing, it makes people crazy. So I'm afraid that this time, Apple may make multitasking totally different and again make it become industry standard. And if that happens, WebOS is DOOMED.

    Then what would HP do to defend WebOS and keep it's advantage. Stack is good, but it makes me feel it is the idea back in the Palm era(when Palm is not part of HP), and seems to me HP has done little to make WebOS and multitasking better. They simply import the UI to the large screen with little adjustment(the new notification). Card view on smartphones is great, but on tablet is a waste of the large screen real estate.

    so HP really should make the card system and multitasking to the next level before Apple makes them do that.
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    Good for Apple, I'm staying.
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    I'm not going to go anywhere. Everyone can copy webOS, but nobody does it better than them.

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    Yes, webOS will be Doooooomed!

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