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    Genius. If icons are too small, we could have them large, maybe 3 (launcher default) or 4(most people's preference) across and scroll to the right to get the rest. And you could tap+hold to move them around, just like the rest of the launcher.

    On the touchpad, there might be enough real estate to do descriptions as it is now, especially if they do them in different columns - a web column, an apps column, a quick actions column. They seem to be into columns on the touchpad, anyway.
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    Yeah, it's definitely possible that there's better solutions than what I suggested, but as far as I'm concerned, the way Just Type is organized now, it just doesn't work well at all.

    That's just the quick idea I had last night.
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    After trying Koto Player Lite today, it dawned upon me that I hadn't considered application searches in my mockup (email, bookmarks, etc.) Really though, I think that could be done similarly, using icons that cause a panel to slide down and reveal the responses (similarly to how global address search works now).
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    I like it! AND, you could make it like the patches that give the user the number of icons/line they desire. I think the patch is called 4x4 icons v 3 that allows 4 apps/line vs 3/line. I think there is another patch called 5x5 for those that like to pack in for icons/line.
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    It's a huge pity Just Type can't search the calendar.
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    Great Idea!
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