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    to me of course HP has to relate their approach to Apple due to just the fact they are not licensing out the OS at this point. Me myself would not be overly concerned with Android due to the fact they need a massive amount of quanity of their OS to stay relevant. Apple on the other hand (in the mobile market) has 1 device, 1 model, 1 design and now on just 2 carriers with a update to the device once a year and no single mobile phone run by any othe OS can compete at all. I disagree with the idea that if the iphone is on all carriers Android would still sell more, to me thats a bad assement. Have you looked at how many Iphones were sold by AT&T last year alone? If lets say Apple releases a Iphone 5 4G where available on all 4 networks in june, you better believe people will drop whatever device they have in their hands for one. Just using Webos 2.1 for a week on a Sprint Pre Plus give me a idea of where HP/Palm is headed with Webos and Im impressed needless to say. They are really innovating more and more on this OS. Making it more astheticly pleasing like IOS, and upgrading the parts of it that are weak. If HP IMO can release products like the Pre 3 and Touchpad to all networks globally for the next few years Webos will be a front runner with IOS with Android, BB, WP7 following behind again my opinion.
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    Unless you buy every device from them that's worthless - which is why touch to share is a deadend.

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    yeah ask yourself though how many people out there have a Iphone, and a Ipad? This is a great feature for people who want a full experiance from mobile phone to tablet, but both devices are not needed to be able to enjoy every regular feature on the device (like the playbook, phone intergration). So def not worthless at all.
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