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    Astonishing Looks as if Palm did right with the tools Hopefully more devs will notice this and follow suit!

    Source (German, I'm afraid):
    heise online - GDC: Angry Birds und der Siegeszug der App-Spiele

    Couldn't find an Englisch link referring to it.
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    Was particularly easy to implement on the Palm Pre, which according Vesterbacka took only two hours.
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    As I've said from the very beginning, the PDK does not allow you to port all apps. It lets you port a VERY small number of apps, and a large number of games. The reason: The user interface of iOS uses proprietary code (same as webOS' UI system for typical apps), which means you must completely rewrite the UI.

    Some developers rolled their own UI, or used a third party UI toolkit (not controlled by any one OS creator/maintainer), which lets them put it on multiple platforms. Also, most games use custom UIs, which makes them perfect candidates for porting (such as with PDK, the Plugin Development Kit).

    But the PDK does enable one major thing that makes porting to webOS easier than to most other platforms when you move from iOS. The PDK allows you to take your graphics-intensive code and keep that in native code, while using Mojo for the UI.

    What this means: Don't expect any major apps to be ported over. You'll see them rewritten. This is the reason PhoneGap, et al. are being used more and more now. With PhoneGap and similar products, you write the code ONCE in HTML/JavaScript/CSS (same as with normal webOS apps) and PhoneGap will let it run on all major platforms (with more added when they get it working properly). You will see more apps come out without native support in the coming years. I expect that by 2015, 90% of apps on all plaforms will be HTML-based apps, much less compiled code. Most of the compiled code will be for things not possible with current web technologies (or for emulating things, etc.).
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