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    Okay sorry for taking your guys time and if its an easy fix or not fixable problem at all but...

    Okay so I tried that 2.1 FrankenPre on my Pre- for Sprint. I havent used it in a while because I got an Evo a few months ago but I always like webOS better. When I did the wifi-bypass thing so I could sign in with wifi I accidentally reused my email address when creating a new one when I wanted to test it out since I couldnt remember what email address I used till after. I had the profile from before which I had all my bought apps, etc on it. Now I dont want to buy an app that I had owned before to test it out...idk

    Is it possible to get the apps back? Or is it lost in the void ?
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    never mind. I found out what to do to fix it for me :P

    Mod can lock this

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