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    So I screwed up the update on my AT&T Pre Plus to 2.1 and my profile on Palm's website says I'm on version 9.9.9.

    How can I undo this unfortunate turn of events? Can I?
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    Ur screwed sorry
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    i think you have to Doctor back to 1.4.5 Log in, then doctor to 2.1 login than do the masquerade.
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    You could try Palm customer support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    You could try Palm customer support.
    And tell them you updated your phone with an unsupported Doctor and now you want them to fix it.

    When we were testing I had to doctor back to 1.4.2 to get my profile version reset. Then you can redoctor again to 2.1.

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    Obviously you won't tell them that...

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    Why not ask in the Update thread?
    You are not the first to ask that question, so perhaps the answer is already posted.
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    I would try to:

    1) Disable/Delete backups on your 2.1 install
    2) Doctor to 1.4.5
    3) See if Palm Profile's website shows you running 1.4.x and not 9.9.9
    4) Disable/Delete backups on your 1.4.5 install
    5) Use correct masking when installing 2.1, then unmask afterwards
    6) See if Palm Profile's website shows you running 1.4.x and not 2.1.0/9.9.9

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