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    I'm trying to still figure out the reason why people are upset that WebOS 2.X is not coming to Pre -/+ phones. I know people with the plus and minus (i use a Pre-) and are getting Android phones because they are upset that the new update isn't coming. I gave them this to think about.....Say you're driving a Honda Civic....nice care, good on gas, good after market folllowing for those 'sporty' upgrades (yeah my Pre -/+). So on that aftermarket site they tell you they have that latest most greatest add on.....a full engine swap. We can pack a 6 or 8 cylinder with turbos (twins if you want) in that puppy and it will be that fastest Civic in your town (the motor....Pre3). The first thing I get is why would I do that? Because you love your Civic and you want it to be fast...i answer. Well that..if possible would be alot of money to do and the car would probably handle like crap. I tell them...thats my point. They are people hacking HP's WebOS 2.X on older phones like ours which were severely underpowered to begin with. And people want to be upset @ HP or trash there phones for 2.X because they have Civics. I tell them if they are true fans of the OS they know that the new stuff won't run properly (if it does it will be handicapped) and then you'll be mad because it runs crappy. Just wait for the 745 Beammer (Pre3) to come out a relax.
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    I guess to answer your question, there are probably three reasons:

    1) In some respects, many of us know that webOS 1.x.x doesn't really utilise the hardware to its full potential. The Pre- has roughly same specs as iPhone 3GS, but ran nowhere near as smooth...

    Yes, the Pre- especially is relatively out-dated in terms of specs now (esp. with the 256MB RAM), but the key thing was webOS 1.x.x doesn't use hardware GPU acceleration for animations etc.. so I guess on some level, people believed that the Pre-/Pre+ could last a little longer/run a bit better with webOS 2.1 ... which features CSS transforms and possibly other hardware GPU accleration ... to use, your car analogy, I guess it could be considered a reconditioning of the engine to make it run better.

    For me, I was ecstatic to be able to squash 2.1 onto my Pre-, because now I am a little more willing to wait until June - Sept for the Pre3 to be released. I was getting restless and was so close to buying a Pre2 in the meantime.

    2) webOS 1.x.x is more like a work-in-progress ... not quite feature complete. webOS 2.1 features some neat enhancements and additional features ... such as quickOffice and just a more polished overall feel to it.

    3) We were promised previously that the webOS 2.1 update would come to all devices and got a little cranky when the promise was renegged! I fully appreciate where HP is coming from though, and would much prefer they focus their efforts on building the platform and ecosystem for the future. At the same time, we are very lucky to have webOS internals who have provided the tools to help us patch the available O2 webOS 2.1 doctor...

    Hope this answers the question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    First cause they couldn't.
    Now cause they can.

    I agree with everything you say though.
    But I drive a v8 Chevy with 23" wheels.
    I drive a Honda CRZ :-D 16in

    Anywho, is sprint pre users have been cut off from the start of the plus. We want 2.1 becuase we don't have anything else to use.
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    I would flash it just for fun in any case, but mostly I was eager to have 2.x because I was expecting radical improvement in responsiveness. (Of course, it was slightly more responsive than 1.4.5, and only in launcher. Other vise, its even slower).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr3wster View Post
    2) webOS 1.x.x is more like a work-in-progress ... not quite feature complete. webOS 2.1 features some neat enhancements and additional features ... such as quickOffice and just a more polished overall feel to it.
    I very strongly beg to differ. webOS 1.4.5, with the help of all the homebrew patches was a very stable and "polished" OS. I cannot comment on 2.1 although I can't imagine it being a whole lot better than webOS 2.0.1, which in my opinion is a very raw and unfinished OS that has miles to go before it can come close to the smooth operation of webOS 1.4.5. I sincerely believe that peopel who complain of webOS 1.4.5 are those who have the Pre- and I can imagine why. Last month I had my first experience with the Sprint Pre - and within minutes I understood why Palm failed with the Pre. The Sprint Pre - was actually very slow and sluggish compared to my Pre +.
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    webOS 1.4.5 has no public media APIs or mic access, which makes it feature incomplete enough in my eyes. I appreciate the ability to search my history/bookmarks/music/email from Just Type, along with apps now being able to add their own functions.

    Furthermore, it's unfair to compare 1.4.5 with homebrew patches to 2.1.0 in general, because from what I've seen of people with Pre's out in pubic, they're still using the freaking default sounds and wallpapers. I doubt they care about homebrew. So 2.1.0 already brings them the addition of more than 3 pages, the ability to rearrange pages, and the ability to rename them.

    webOS 2.1.0 doesn't really operate that differently in my eyes than 1.4.5, with the exception of added functions and it consumes more memory. If it's slow and clunky compared to what you're used to and what you're used to is a 1GHz Pre, well, perhaps you should wait until Uberkernal is released to make a more sound judgment, but do as you feel.

    The webOS 2.1.0 meta-doctor is a great way for more people to jump aboard with webOS 2.0 who had no access to it previously and weren't going to be buying a device that is already eclipsed (the Pre 2) to get it, which means more patches for everyone on 2.0.1.

    The OP's post is barely coherent to me, but there's no harm in trying it out on a test profile if you can get past "Oooooooh, linux is so hard" and if you're the type who is prone to feel that way, then you probably don't want to waste your time because the next thing you'll complain about is that your favorite patch isn't there, which you should have known before you flashed the doctor in the first place.

    If you're on a Pre+, you have the RAM of a Pre 2, just not the processor, and there are quite a few people with them stuck on a contract for another year. If I had a device that I had another year stuck on that wouldn't be getting another update and the apps that come with another update, I'd try whatever means I could to put it on my phone as well.
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    For me, it's bug fixes, Mic APIs, and Skype...
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    I can see why everyone can say that WebOS 1.X.X is an 'unpolished' OS. But as another poster said that patches have done wonders. I still believe and agree to leave the Pre-/Pixi- and maybe the Pre+/Pixi+ behind because te first gen phones will not....i repeat will not stand up to the additional features that HP/Palm devs want to throw @ it. If Palm would have put the most powerful chip they could find (i think iPhone had the best chip @ the time 833mhz) it still will be lacking in what we 'spoiled' gadget hunters want........smooth, feature rich, fast phones. The minute HP puts any 2.X.X OS on pre -/+ and it stutters (like it does now) or can't perform a feature (like Flash) everyone would be bad mouthing HP for doing it. Lets move on people and see what WebOS will bring us. BTW.........SPRINT...get the phone!!!!!
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    Fragmentation makes patch creation harder, so its better for all of us to jump from 1.X to 2.x
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    i only wanted it cause it had an editable autocorrect dictionary and i can't get the preware stuff to work.

    honestly other then that, NOTHING in 2.0 impressed me. Sorry the stuff they addressed are just not on my priority list. Ex: i'd prefer a much more robust music app, camera app, youtube. I'd probably never use stacks.

    i however was disappointed. I was NOT mad it didn't come to my sprint pre. Besides i could always use a leaked doctor if i wanted to and i haven't. I can't speak for all those people screaming, "that was the last straw i'm leaving now that my old pre ain't getting" For me it didn't change my decision one way or another. it just made riding out the life of my pre- more annoying without decent autocorrect. edit: voice dial would also be nice in 2.0 but i wouldn't use it much.

    As a side note: it think there are also issues with sprint people that actually like webos because they are losing their upgrade, there is not sprint webos phone announced on the platform, so no updates mean they have to either wait longer with a poorly performing phone and loose their update or just decide now to use their upgrade and jump ship to another platform.

    Another general reason is that if you bought the phone close to launch you've been waiting on things the whole time. Whether it's apps, or the app store, or the flood of apps that would come "this thursday", or flash, the explosion of apps that would come with AT&T or with Verizon launch, or better advertising, or waiting for 2.0 i can see how after more then a year and a half you say "screw it. I'm tired of waiting. get back to me when you can deliver." I'm sure if you have some loyalty to a phone company you don't mind being an early adopter or without certain things but i think for people that have no allegiance to any company they can get tired of it all.
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    I'm looking for a fix for the PDF viewer.
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    I think it's a common misconception that the older hardware can't handle 2.x. It clearly can. I'm running it right now. I used to have the 1ghz overclock.. I'm not missing it. Apps crashing? I haven't had one app crash yet. Apps hanging? Not any more than they did before. Scrolling is laggy? Nope. Not one bit. I think scrolling is improved. Voice dial? Check. Auto-correct? Check. VZ Navigator? Check. PDF Viewer? Check. Quickoffice? Check.
    I cannot comment on 2.1 although I can't imagine it being a whole lot better than webOS 2.0.1, which in my opinion is a very raw and unfinished OS that has miles to go before it can come close to the smooth operation of webOS 1.4.5.
    I can tell you that's just flat out WRONG. 2.1 runs like butter.
    The minute HP puts any 2.X.X OS on pre -/+ and it stutters (like it does now)
    Once again, WRONG. No stuttering here. I don't know how you can say that it stutters, since you haven't used it or seen it in action.
    or can't perform a feature (like Flash)
    And for the last time, this is just plain WRONG. I have flash, yes it works, yes it performs, yes it is a feature.

    All these arguments are null in my POV. Everything works. It works great. It works flawless. I've been running it for almost a week now without nary an issue.

    Go ahead and stay with 1.4.5 ... you're all missing out.
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    I have 600+ contacts all with additional info and about 20 with contact pictures and contact scroling is worse on 2.1 than it was on 1.4.5.
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    • 2.x only apps - due to changes in development frameworks - some apps will never be back ported to 1.x which means that an upgrade to 2.x is needed to get access to these apps.
    • Mic API - Lots of demand for this for Voice Dialing, music identification, etc.
    • Flash - Performance may suck but people need to see for themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    Apps hanging? Not any more than they did before. Scrolling is laggy? Nope. Not one bit. I think scrolling is improved.
    orly? Are you only running one app at a time or something? WebOS 2.1 is definitely running a little worse on my Pre- than 1.4.5 was. And that's perfectly reasonable because it simply uses more memory (memory usage displayed in jstop was around ~30 MB before, now it's around ~50 MB). Increasing the comcache memory in Govnah helped, though, and I'm hoping for an Uberkernel to increase it even further.

    I'd still recommend upgrading to 2.1, though. Just Type is pretty awesome, so is exhibition. Also, I didn't think I'd need stacks on my Pre- because I can't really open many cards, anyway. However, they are actually pretty awesome and do speed up your workflow.

    The PDF viewer is still crap, though.
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    Because I'm honestly bored with the phone as there are not going to be any more updates for it. No more enhancements, no more features.....and nothing else on the market catches my attention yet (Evo 2 slab, please come quickly!)
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