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    So after getting 2.1 running successfully last night I figured I should give something back to the community, and after the call for documentation I wrote out a guide that details and explains every command one needs to use to set up and build a meta-doctor, from start to finish, on a mac. I tried to make it intuitive so that someone with reasonable computer skills but little or no background with the command line could use it.
    As per rwhitby's request, I will request that everyone interested in this procedure first read the official wiki page, as this includes more complete as well as up-to-date information. However, for those daunted by the wiki, this guide is simpler and easier to understand.
    Suggestions are appreciated. Keep in mind that this is a first draft. In fact, I'd love it if someone who *really* knows their meta-doctor could tell me if I've documented anything wrong in here. I will upload changes promptly and credit people who suggest these changes (although I'm going to bed soon, so it might be in the morning).
    The guide is attached. Enjoy everyone!

    Are there still steps that need to be taken after the doctor is installed to get text messages working on Verizon and Sprint? I can add those, if so.

    Edit 2: Guide updated feb. 25. Minor edits added, including increased promotion of WebOS Internals as well as a reminder to be in the meta-doctor directory before unmasqing.

    Edit 3:
    Updated again with more information about caveats, profile issues, and how to fix the GPS.
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    the guide is much needed and much appreciated. if I am to understand correctly I can take the 'port' part off all the commands and use them in Ubuntu?

    will be giving this a shot as soon as my laptop (the comp with Linux) boots up.
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    All the information I used to compile the guide can be found here, and here, including the exact commands needed in mac os and ubuntu. If you own a linux laptop, you know more about Linux than I do. All I did was repackage the information in a way that I thought would be easier for people with little experience to understand.
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    thanks man will be reading through this and hopefully trying it on sprint pre this weekend. still on the edge
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    I use Windows 7 but this is still very helpful for others. Thanks.
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    Ugh its such a pain in the you-know-what to set up meta doctor. I hate Cygwin so I am using VBox with Ubuntu and oh my god nothing installs and it always freezes and never saves data so I have to redo it x_x
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    Really Nice job!

    A few points.
    cd opt/nova/bin
    novacom run file://usr/sbin/rootfs_open -t
    novacom put file://etc/palm-build-info < palm-build-info-unmasqed
    novacom run file://sbin/reboot"

    For that piece above, I thought you needed to be in the meta-doctor directory but am not sure?

    2. Can we get a process for those people who don't have carriers so need to log into wireless for their profile after they follow the instructions above? There seems to be some comments about copying the wireless profile to the computer and then back again to the freshly doctored Pre but am not sure. There are instructions in the meta-doctor but I believe those are ignored in the current script so are not included in the metadoctors we make for this project.

    3. Where are memos stored and how can we back them up?
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    I'm also having a problem with the commands. No such directory?
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    If you really want to contribute, edit the wiki

    WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals
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    thank you for this. it made me nervous doing it because I've never done anything like this.
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    Got it, just needed a few hours of sleep. now my problem is restoring the db3 files so i have all my contacts back...
    thank you for the guide!
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    I believe memos may be backed up by the Save/Restore app.
    I am updating the guide with a few minor changes suggested by bluenote and rwhitby.
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    Assuming i use the output of the sprint metadoctor script verbatim. Will i be able to log into my profile in 2.1 and then later re flash to 1.4.5 and relog into my profile with out it getting messed up?
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    No. If you want to go back to 1.4.5 use a spare profile.
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    if i make a new profile, there is no way it could mess up my old one though, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_E View Post
    if i make a new profile, there is no way it could mess up my old one though, right?
    It won't mess up your old profile at all, if you create a new profile. You just won't have access to anything in your old profile like contacts & apps you bought. But you can get the patch send all contacts via email, & use a google (or another) account to restore ur contact via Vcard onto the pre.

    EDIT: it appears that you can backup your data from your old profile some other way ( save/restore etc) & then turn off backups and erase. Then you can login to ur old profile. You will regain your paid apps but that's all. Then you can restore your other data.

    WARNING: once you use your profile on 2.x.x you can never go back to 1.4.5 with that profile.
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    Updated again with more information about caveats, profile issues, and how to fix the GPS.
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    This is my first time every doing anything like this. So thanks so much for the guide. Now I am still in the process so I am not sure how it will all work out. So far I encountered 2 problems. When running the modified webOS doctor it tries to install something on my palm and then it gives me an error message, I don't know what will be the consequence for that. The other one is that the webos doctor wouldn't see that I plugged my palm until I did the following:
    1. Take off the battery.
    2. Connect the USB cable
    3. Hold the volume up key and then install the battery.
    I found the above instructions on the precentral forums.
    Only then I got the clickable next key to install webos 2.1.
    I am at 52% so we will see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    Updated again with more information about caveats, profile issues, and how to fix the GPS.
    Can you put a prominent link to the authoritative wiki page in the first post please? And direct people to read it first and use it as a reference.

    People are coming to the official 2.1.0 meta-doctor thread having read your simplified guide but having no knowledge of the wiki page containing the reference information upon which it is based. This is quite annoying for those of us developing and supporting the techniques and scripts.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
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    All donations go back into development.
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