I'm currently cruising at 30,000 ft on a flight to California on Delta and decided to turn on the TV program on the little screen embedded in the back of the seat in front of me - without the headsets (so no sound for me). Before the show started, they had a segment called Sky Tech (or something similar in name), which started out with a phone in a guys hand at a distance. They zoom in QUICKLY on the screen and I recognize the interface as WebOS - but I couldn't identify the phone - kinda looked like the Pixi. They show the apps menu page, and actually open up a clock program ...Timepiece, I believe. At that moment, I wished I had purchased the $2 headsets, but was content with just the visual as a distraction They then moved to a laptop, which was when I saw the HP logo - they were advertising one of the smaller HP laptops - not the TouchPad.

So I ended up purchasing the airplane's Wifi package (which is really nice to have in the air - $12.95 for the nearly 5 hour flight) to do some work, and let you guys know what I saw. HP was specifically avoiding - it seems - identifying the specific phone, but rather showing off Web OS. My wife owns a Pixi (since Jan) and I have had a Sprint Pre since launch day. Nice to see the promotion