Back in June at the middle of 2009 I was eligible to get a new phone. I got my first phone around two years from that time and both of them were little crap phones. I wanted to move on to something better. So, after hours of (apparently terrible) research I decided on the Samsung Instinct! I was about 2 hours from getting my Instinct. Then, I stumbled across a youtube video of someone reviewing the Pre. The whole thing amazed me. From the way that cards worked, to universal search, to everything else. I never thought I would be keeping it for more than a year! If I didn't like it I could just return it! Fast forward to now...
I am getting the Blackberry Torch. Trust me, it's not my first choice but in order to get the iPhone 5 in June I can either get the Torch or the Samsung Rugby (Let me google that for you). I obviously chose the Torch. I do plan on getting the Touchpad though. So i'm not gone forever. Ok now back to my farewell...
I love this phone and this community. When I first stumbled across PlC I didn't know that a website could mean as much to me as it does today. It introduced me to the wonders of patching and over-clocking, it would always be there for me when I needed it for news, and there was the forum where everything I would ever want to know is waiting for me.
You guys have been there for me like family. We truly have turned into a family. I can't thank this community enough. From Twitter to here to webOSroundup. I am going to pull an Oscars and thank some people before I move on.
  • The whole webOSinternals team.
  • The writers here at Precentral

Im not going to stop posting but I really to love you guys (in a not pathetic way),