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    So, the problem lies within the YouTube app only. And 2 main problems occur:

    1) I can't search any videos for example, when I type Kings of Leon nothing comes up, same with many other keywords.

    2) Then when I click a YouTube link, 9/10 I end up waiting and having to see: Error - unable to play this file. I did a forum search and read that this problem was happening to others before, but it seemed to have fixed itself. Watching videos on websites through flash works perfectly fine however and I have no problems streaming. I have tried restarting, doctoring etc. Nothing seems to work... anyone have any tips?

    Palm Pre 2 Unlocked (OS 2.0.1)
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    what country was your phone activated? I have the vzw pre2 and I can search/play youtube.

    any chance there is a geography issue? Or maybe 3G radio turned off?
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    Activated in Canada I think, I get 3G on my carrier (Fido). Bought it from a seller on craigslist, but it is the Pre 2 unlocked directly from HP. Is there a way to check where it was activated ?

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