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    Tonight Engadget Editor-in-Chief and our resident tech expert Joshua Topolsky is back on Late Night tonight with gadgets and gossip galore! (Alliteration!) What's he holding there? I caught Joshua backstage Pre-show so you'll get the full story tonight! (There is a hint in that last sentence...look closely peoples...)
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    I see pandas.
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    Sounds likely that at least some of the new Palm devices will be shown:

    Quote Originally Posted by Adora
    You should watch @joshuatopolsky on #LateNight tonight. Just sayin. Joshua Topolsky Previews New Gadgets Tonight! - Sneak Peeks - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
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    It sure looks like a Pre 3 in the pic posted on the blog. You can also make out what appears to be a notification icon on the bottom right part of the screen.
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    pre 3, touchpad, and maybe veer -=X cant wait to see audience reaction though!
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    nice, will be watching this tonight!!
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    looks like he's become an even bigger fan of webOS and rightfully so. Hey that's all the advertizing hp needs! Lol
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    now get that frealing macbook off hs desk! Put a touchbad on jimmy's desk!
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    i'm interested to see how the crowd responds... to the veer!
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    It's no secret that Josh T is a big fan of webOS. I'm pretty jazzed that he'll be showing it off on Late Night.

    I can't help but wonder if the Pre 3 is closer to release than HP is saying if they're allowing him to use/show it around. Certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if it came out sooner. I made the switch to WP7 and I'm dying to get back into a webOS phone with a large screen.
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    I really have no hope about the hardware coming out sooner than expected. I'm pretty sure that Verizon wouldn't be super stoked about another carrier coming out with new hardware right after they get stuck with the 2.
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    JT showed off the original Pre before it came out on this show. Good to see him do it again with the new hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    When does this air?
    late night show jimmy fallen. nbc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    When does this air?
    tonight with Jimmy Falon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    now get that frealing macbook off hs desk! Put a touchbad on jimmy's desk!
    light bulb inside my head just flickered on a little bit, and then started smoking.

    Apple ipad-----HP Touchpad
    Apple Macbook------HP Touchbook?
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    DVR: Set. Here's hoping JT shows more than just rotating apps in card view!
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    I wouldn't go expecting to see anything new. This is just a marketing tactic.
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    Here's hoping that a carrier shows up in the top left corner..
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