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    Gizmodo's current lead story is what the iPad2 needs to do to ensure that it isn't lagging behind the competition from Android and WebOS:

    Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide

    ...and they give WebOS and HP a little love. Not enough, but more than we are used to seeing. They actually refer to the platform as a player in the tablet space...which is kind since, unlike Android, you can't buy a tablet based on WebOS...yet.

    Now where is my g*d*mn Pre 3 on Sprint?!
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    Two things:

    1. Gizmodo is heavily Apple biased. Just compare what they say to Engadget.
    2. I think most people are on board that WebOS can compete in the tablet sector and in fact it looks like a lot of people are excited to see a WebOS tablet come out.

    But I wouldn't confuse the title of that article "What the iPad 2 Needs to Steal From Android and WebOS" for love. Jealousy yes but not love
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    I said the article is partially favorable...not the title. Statements like the following:

    HP solved this problem with the notification tray on the top right. Messages and events come in unobtrusively, allowing you to deal with them in a stack all at once—swiping them off if you want to ignore.
    HP's matches web OS on the Palm Pre, which is letting you scroll horizontally between open apps. Again, there are app thumbs to see clearly what you're switching to. And, the TouchPad actually lets you stack instances of apps in a pile, so different browser tabs or IM windows can their own entry in the stack.
    HP did a very smart thing by rewarding customers who have both an HP phone and an HP tablet. By placing a Pre on top of the TouchPad, they can share information with each other wirelessly. Right now HP's only enabled URL sharing between the two, but it's very easy to see app syncing, photo transferring and music sharing coming in later updates. It's great added functionality, and it encourages people to invest in the ecosystem. Android does this as well, pushing stuff from the Chrome browser to your phone or tablet.

    Another bonus of having both HP products: You can respond to texts and answer calls from the tablet, provided the phone is in range.
    It's very likely that Apple will be unveiling new software features for iOS 5.0 alongside the iPad 2 announcement. It's also very likely that they'll address the multitasking issues as well, since the rumors for that have been ramping up. But will whatever they introduce be as good as what HP and Android have added to tablet interfaces?

    Even the fact that they held a WebOS tablet up as a viable competitor to Android and iOS places WebOS on a stage that it hasn't been on in the mainstream press for quite some time.

    I also disagree that "most people are on board that WebOS can compete in the tablet sector". I don't think "most people" have even heard of WebOS...but you have a hard time finding someone who has not heard of the iPad. We aren't exactly a representative group of tablet consumers. We may just be a tad biased.

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    Respect from Gizmodo, unabashedly in love with Apple as they are, is high praise indeed.

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