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    My girlfriend is finishing up med school and starting residency with the Navy in June. She is going to upgrade to a smartphone and really likes my Pre Plus. I'm getting my Pre 2 today and had initially thought of giving her my Pre Plus. The only catch is, she really needs Epocrates, which knocks any WebOS device out of the running.

    With all the muscle it looks like HP is throwing behind WebOS, is there a chance Epocrates would come back? Just stinks to see someone not be able use a WebOS device b/c of one missing app.
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    Well, my girlfriend will probably get her smartphone sometime in May, so I guess that's my "forever". So I was wondering if seeing all the muscle HP is putting behind WebOS would convince Epocrates to change their minds and continue the app for WebOS. She'll probably go with an iPhone now (gag!). She sits as a student member of a hospital-planning committee and all the IT guys are constantly talking about Mac this and iPhone that. I said it's just b/c that's what they've been programmed to say and they don't know any better.

    In any event, she really likes my Pre Plus (size, OS and all that), but the need for Epocrates will outweigh all that.
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    I see four alternatives:

    1) Use the Epocrates mobile web interface
    2) Use Lexicomp
    3) Use Pepid
    4) Use another smartphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    I said it's just b/c that's what they've been programmed to say and they don't know any better.
    It has nothing to do with the fact that their platform actually has what they need and use? Or delivered in a way that they don't need to walk around with the IT staff on speed dial? Nothing to do with that; instead these fine medical students are simply mindless sheep?

    Congrats on getting a smart gf, though. She's sounds pretty bright.
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    getting by with lexapro, much more comprehensive than epocrates just expensive. And epocrates online works well on the pre's browser. If she really wants webos it's a good option.

    that being said, the iphone is the new palm OS in the medical field. All the apps are ios based.

    either way, she'll be fine.

    congrats on graduation.

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