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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    EDIT: I will say my Google Calendar sync does not work. Others may have success. Yahoo calendar works fine.
    worked on pre number1,
    pre number 2 (girlfriends pre) google calender sync also didnt work.

    played around a bit, i think changing
    fixed it.
    so i deleted the old google calendar sync account and it worked fine.
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    any way to install without meta doctor?
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    Not happening without meta doctor, unless HP and your carrier change their mind and release an actual doctor.

    Meta doctor is required because WebOS Internals can't distribute altered doctors. Meta Doctor is a tool that makes the required changes to an existing doctor file.
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    Just wondering, would upgrading a Pre- from 1.4.5 without paid apps to 2.1 using a completely new profile to activate in an official country make paid apps magically available due to the version number jump or would this still rely on the very first activation of the phone? Probably just wishful thinking
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    I have been using the Pre- with WebOS 2.1.0 for a day now. Overall its smooth. Slows down a bit while im in the contacts app and messaging app looking through my gtalk buddies.

    I also noticed that when I opened the video player; my phone slowed down to a crawl and gave me a too many cards error. I closed the video app but none of my apps would open. Gave me the error all the time.

    I restarted my phone and now it seems to be working fine. I have no idea what went wrong.
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    I put 2.1 on my AT&T Pre+ just a few hours ago (about 5 hours ago thanks to the meta-doctor script) and been playing with it constantly on my day off.

    Losing memos, calendar dates, everything in my media file (could have been from multiple flashing versions), and some slowness in contacts, messaging.

    Current lack of flash is rather disappointing. The phone will still try and go into flash mode with some websites but nothing happens. Also can't seem to get the virtual keyboard to activate.

    The biggest gripe I had was that the browser no longer has wiki and google search when you start typing, have to choose one for default. Really isn't too bad once you get used to just type.

    Overall though, I'm very pleased. Voice dialing, incredibly smooth compared to 1.4.5, and really enjoying just type even more. Overall the aesthetics make it quite nice and I have yet to run into a problem with my main account running this, all my apps appear to be working and the palm profile even grabbed my old contacts even though the palm profile says "Dr. Skipped Firstuse" .

    X-Factor award goes to Text Assist. Already using it and makes texting more enjoyable than before. Exhibition mode is nice, but nothing compared to the usefulness of text assist.

    Lame Duck award goes to the Youtube App...which appears just as weak as ever and only made usable by the download patch in preware.
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    The more and more i've played with the sprint pre v2.1.0, im almost thinking about going back to 1.4.5. Don't get me wrong, im perfectly happy with the preformance of 2.1.

    Sprint Nav won't install (im thinking since its not configured for v2.x).
    Patches arn't available, ie; facebook chat doesn't work anymore.
    webOS 2.0 apps won't be installable with a sprint pre through the app catalog unless the developer makes it 1.4.5 or higher instead of requireing 2.0 to install.
    Theres not even a decent flashlight app for 2.0, let alone nav available.
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    [Sprint] v2.1.0 running for almost a day. I'm a little disappointed that Sprint Nav doesn't work because we're going on a trip this weekend. I guess we'll depend on my wife's Hero and Google Nav. I'd try NavIt but I've never been able to easily enter an address into that thing. If anyone figures out how to get SprintNav up and running let me know.
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    Klownicle:The more and more i've played with the sprint pre v2.1.0, im almost thinking about going back to 1.4.5. Don't get me wrong, im perfectly happy with the preformance of 2.1.

    Sprint Nav won't install (im thinking since its not configured for v2.x).
    Patches arn't available, ie; facebook chat doesn't work anymore.
    webOS 2.0 apps won't be installable with a sprint pre through the app catalog unless the developer makes it 1.4.5 or higher instead of requireing 2.0 to install.
    Theres not even a decent flashlight app for 2.0, let alone nav available.

    All of this is all very well and good. If nothing else, it's keeping you guys busy and giving you something to do. A little over my head, I've been sitting back and watching the show, a little hopeful, but in the end, it really does look like a lot of work, and it also looks like you need to know more than a thing or two about a thing or two.

    Wonder if HP knew this all along? Do you think they might have been on to something?

    I'm not all that surprised, to be honest, but it is fun watching everybody try

    Keep up the good work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder View Post
    No flash, No voice dialing, limited patches = I will wait a few weeks/months before moving from 1.4.5. During that time hopefully more patches will be ported to 2.1 such as Ubercalendar, Uber Kernel, Launcher, etc.
    My statement about no voice dialing was based on Dieter's demo. If others have it working than I guess Voice dialing is in 2.1.
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    One should expect patches to not be as plentiful (or even *there*) on 2.1 compared to 1.4.5 before doctoring. If you know this is going to be an issue, you probably don't want to waste your time.

    The more people on 2.1 (when updates roll out to legit Pre 2's), the more patches will come. You can also ask your favorite patch authors to consider updating or see if you can update patches yourself. As soon as the WebOS Internal's server is working, I'll upload a couple I did: Change EV to 3G, Close Slider to End Regular Calls Only, and Disable Landscape Gesture in Browser.

    I've got Sprint Nav installed and launching, haven't started a trip yet, though. For those who don't have it working, how did you do it? Did you drop the ipk on your usb and then novaterm into the device and install it from the root? Essentially:

    $ novaterm
    $ ipkg install /media/internal/com.thenameofthepackagecantrememerrightnow
    $ reboot

    (It won't show up until you reboot)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klownicle View Post
    unless the developer makes it 1.4.5 or higher instead of requireing 2.0 to install.
    I'm sure this is not completely up to the dev. Reason being is a lot of the 2.x-required apps makes calls to APIs previously not available on 1.x (the "private, subject to change" ones), so even if they make it 1.4.5, Palm won't approve it.
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    well for what it's worth I doctored my o2 pre plus yesterday after discovering that these shores weren't likely to see the pre3 until october at the earliest.

    Apart from losing a lot of phone numbers and all my SMS texts (remember to back up anything important even if you just forward by email) it all went pretty smoothly.

    I had a lot of problems getting preware on through webos quick installer (in fact nothing would load using it. In the end I found a standalone installer on the preware site.

    Now to the questions.

    Do I like webos 2.1? Overall yes. I like card stacking and I like the Just Type enhancements. Text assist is VERY good as well.

    Is it worth the bother to upgrade to webos 2.1? Honestly, I'd say don't bother. If you've got you pre working pretty much how you want it and you're overclocking, then upgrading will probably annoy you hugely.

    Things I miss about 1.4.5:
    uberkernel (screenstate can save a lot of juice)
    ubercalendar (mainly the icons)
    SMS Tone per contact
    No callback on missed call
    4x4 icons in launcher
    glass effect on launcher
    Today top bar menu
    Flashlight in device menu
    No Classic (but i'm going to try the workaround)

    On the plus side I did find a few patches had been updated in the last 24 hours so I have every confidence that the others are in the pipeline.

    Overall, though i'd strongly advise anyone pondering upgrading to wait until more patches are there.

    hope someone finds this useful!
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    I have read all the threads and just can not see an advantage of the new OS and the hassle (possibly ruining) my phone that works perfect?

    Convince me?
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    I have a Sprint Pre which had been using UberKernal for a long while and personally the performance hit using 2.1 is pretty big IMO. It's been so long since I haven't used UberKernal that I can't really compare to 1.4.5.

    I'm noticing performance slow down to a crawl when using Forums, which is unfortunate as I use that particular app quite a bit. If I have other apps open, like a browser window or two, the phone becomes pretty unusable for me. It's entirely possible that I would have experienced this sort of slow down on 1.4.5, I couldn't tell you. Performance really seems to take a big hit having 3-4 of anything open, although remains usable.

    Missing Sprint Nav and in the thread for installing Webos 2.1 it is starting to sound like putting it on might not be possible. Also, it does not seem that Update PRL is available.

    The lack of Flash wasn't that disappointing, even less so once I got up and running, as I can't imagine it would run well.

    Really missing the patches, especially 4x4 icons. While the new launcher seems pretty snappy, I personally prefer the older one, and am horrified each time I see the 3x4 icons ;-)

    That said, I've not really notice anyone else really go on about the performance hit, so maybe I'm just special. And there are some really nice features, such as Voice Dialing (very cool), Just Type (again, very cool), this morning my GPS is working far better than it ever has (no idea if this is just luck or an actual improvement) and there are also something like 75 patches available (with reports of a bunch of 2.0.1 patches working if you install using WOSQI).

    I'll be sticking with this, anxiously waiting on an UberKernal, which I think will make this very usable, but I'll not be putting 2.1 on my wife's Pre until she tries it out on mine for a bit first to see what she thinks of the performance.
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    Just a few simple questions:
    1.How does this perform vs the leaked build?.. I tested the leaked build and ended up going back due to no overclocking/patches/new palm profile. (also was a bit sluggish)
    2. Is it possible to restore the sprint apps using the ipks from 1.4.5??????

    I really want 2.0 on my pre but it just doesn't seem ready for primetime yet :/
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    Well From What Im Hering The Leaked 2.0.1 Which Im Currently Using Is Like A Zillion Times Beter Than 1.4.5 Like The New HP Logo Its Faster The Battery Life Is Better Just That The Flash Sucks Balls But Besides That Its Good About 2.1 I Here Its Bad No Flash Its Slow Huh Everyone Change To The Leaked Version Its Better Cuz Its Leaked LMFAO JK
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    miss the sprint navi...hopefully some magic homebrew stuff here will get us a patch or script

    flash is easy to install see Wiki but I don't see much use for was cool for all of 5 min

    performance is a slightly slower...liking the new look....try the compache govanah fix in the Wiki

    voice dialing just type and autocorrect cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenjo2009 View Post
    has anyone else tried to sync google calendar with the webos 2.1.i know that there was a time limit on how far ahead it could sync but is it also totally not working on the metadoctored devices.This is a decider for if i will try this on my device later on in the week
    I used a second profile created with 1.4.5 in case I want to go back to my original profile. On Sprint. I was able to scroll ahead to the end of the year. I'm sure I could have gone further, but did not test.

    As mentioned in the previous thread, I had to go ahead three months, pick a day, then advance three more months, but everything is there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    Can we get clarification on whether voice dialing is or is not available? I've seen more than one conflicting report on this.
    I've got Sprint, voice dial is working on mine.
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