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    The sense of entitlement on these forums astonishes me.

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    did HP just released 2.1 update for my launch day pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMist View Post
    Now that 2.1 is rolling out?
    Not until it rolls out to everybody or Palm makes good on it its promise to "make things right" for the ones it never rolls out to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkiBluDawg View Post
    please..dont tell me its HP..

    O2 probably flat refused to sell pre3, touchpad and veer, until HP did the right thing for existing customers.
    Yeah, of course O2 is the company responsible for it... that's why HP built this version TWENTY ONE days ago. Because they have a time machine and knew that O2 would demand it.
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    not until 2.x is on my pixi, or they ship me a free veer. Shame too, cuz I have a lot of other HP products in my house...and guess who won't be getting any more of my business?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    The sense of entitlement on these forums astonishes me.
    I find that the "Holier than thou" attitudes do the same for me.
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    I don't think we'd have gotten this far if nobody complained, so we'll see how far it gets us. It's still a bit hard to say... I'm happy with my Pre+, but also bored with it. This is the nature of mobile devices for most people -- we have a short attention span because the next great thing is always right around the corner.

    If HP throws us a tasty bone maybe we'll stop complaining long enough for the Pre3 to launch.
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