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    I own a Palm Pre Plus and my wife owns a Palm Pixi Plus. Her Pixi was having an issue with turning off when she was trying to make a phone call (which has anyone else had that issue before), and we were getting it replaced with a refurbished model.

    Ironically/NOT-Ironically, the lady that was helping us said, "I haven't seen many of these phones before. Do you like the Palm phones?"

    Since there wasn't anyone else in the store and five employees standing behind the desk, they were all listening to our conversation.

    I then went into the benefits of Web OS and how it is the finest phone OS available. We gathered around the Palm Pre 2 that they had on display, because two other associates had now become interested once I explained instant search, the cards, the true multi-tasking, benefits of the physical keyboard, and then went into what Web OS 2.0 is offering, demo'd it on the Pre 2 (which was my first time and found it really nice. Sure wish I could get it on my Pre Plus), and all three of them said (and I'm not making this up), "that is a really nice phone".

    The Manager had been listening from affar and came up and said, "You know I'd been wondering whether to demo that phone or not.

    Bottom line they all agreed it was better than the iphone 4. Why?

    THE LIABILITY IF YOU BREAK IT. Now we all know Apple is a **** organization, and unless you fall in line with (Apple Care $70, Insurance $12 WITH A $200 DEDUCTABLE...can you believe that?!!, have to buy a case to protect glass screen...YOUR INTO IT A LOT), you can seriously loose money on buying a iphone. That was just their end. They didn't even talk about OS vs OS. They all said they'd take an Android phone over the iphone 4 as well.

    They also told me that they hadn't been selling them as much as they thought they would.

    I digress. Bottom line Palm/HP or whoever the hell is suppose to train these people on how Web OS works hasn't done their jobs. I say this with great pride and zero humility, but they all complimented me on my sales job of Web OS and said I should be working for HP/Palm.

    Lesson learned = This is sad. I remember hearing Palm was doing training about a year ago when the Pre Plus came out to help sales, but none of them had gotten it (all four said they were working for VZW for years). They told me they all got specific training last year on Android and specifically the Droid line of phones. They had a Apple representative come into their store, build them their displays, gave specific instructions to not put balloons around it etc etc.

    They never heard from HP or Palm ever.

    So, I wanted to relate this story because this is why I think Web OS is dead. It is that Pearl of Great Price that nobody knows about. All of these associates hadn't even heard about the Veer, the Touchpad, nor the Pre 3. Why the hell not?! If Hp hasn't even made deals with carriers yet are we going to see another Treo Pro fiasco where nobody has this phone but

    Just a loosing battle I'm afraid. I have vented. I'm taking my ball and I'm going home now.

    Just as evidence of this, the Verizon store I went into is 5941 Fm 2920 Rd, Spring, TX.
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    they will do a better job in the coming months..... All jokes aside I am still flustered about the HP girl bragging about the mirror on the back of the Pre 3 as her favorite feature. -he should have been the best rep that $= could have gotten and she bragged about the mirror.... Made my heart hurt... I wish hurds girl was there instead. At least then we would have gotten some cleavge.
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    Thanks for sharing! That is sad.

    I remember showing people at the store the gesture long swipe between a pdk game and other apps. They were incredibly impressed and aswell didn't know the phone could do that. I showed them how you can turn the advanced gestures on haha.

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    Yes, that is a sad. I'm not sure WebOS is dead yet,but if it keeps getting the kind of treatment you describe,it sure won't be going anywhere fast.
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    sending this to adora. If anyone can fix this, she can.
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    Wheres the signup page to become a palm rep?

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    hp releases the pre2 in the states and neither the customers or the employees that are supposed to be selling it have any idea what it can do.
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    Truly Sad, and its a another sign of the chaotic mess at HP-Palm. It is inadequacy across the board, from posting video of the Pre 3 only in "Flash" on the HP-Palm website, to killing of the well-recognized name of "Palm" and "Treo", to the poor mis-management of the OTA debacle for "Legacy" products. (Yes, "Mis"management because it is "Beyond" poorly managed).
    It seems as if the bureaucracy at HP is crippling the entire enterprise... too many Chiefs and not enough Indians perhaps?

    IMHO, They also simply lost too many knowledged people over the last few years and are fumbling through now... HP bought the Palm House dirt cheap just before foreclosure, but had no idea how termite-eaten the support beams were.
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    When you consider this was at a VZW store, where they've been pushing Droid hard for a long time and on top of that, they're gonna be pushing iPhone as well, you realize this isn't too surprising. Why waste time going through instructional material for a product that you don't know if it will sell well, when you have two proven cash cows?

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    Not surprised by this at all (no matter which carrier you are talking about).

    These sales wienies will learn the phones that customers are coming in and asking about, not necessarily the "best" phone there and certainly not "every" phone there. So, for AT&T most people ask about an iPhone, VZW most people ask about Droid (or lately I'm sure more and more are asking about the iPhone), Sprint -- who knows what they ask for ;-).

    I would be dollars to doughnuts that it is a VERY small percentage of people who have ever walked in the store and said "Hey I'm interested in the Palm Pre (-, +, or 2)". In fact I the VZW stores in our area don't have the Pre2 on display nor do they plan on having one (I stopped by while waiting for my wife and just wanted to play with it).

    HP has an uphill battle to fight.
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    I went to the verizon store last weekend to see the pre 2. When I asked the salesman if they had one or not, he didnt even know what it was. Luckily I saw it so I was able to look at it.

    It was weird though... You'd think you'd know what devices your store sells...

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