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    So i'm getting a palm pre 2 and i have a palm pre+ and a palm pixi + already. I wanna use my palm pre + Palm ID.

    Is this going to mess up my palm pre+ if my pre 2 uses the Palm Profile? I remember that HP was going to allow the palm profile to support multiple devices but i don't know if it is working yet.

    Anyone know what's up?
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    Right now you can only have one device with your profile at the same time, so, if you use it on your Pre 2 it'll wipe the info on the Pre+...

    Backup your important data on your Pre beforehand
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Backup your important data on your Pre beforehand
    This article Precentral - Fullly backup HOWTO is helpful, if you gotta go there.
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