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    There is a bug in webOS 2.0 where if you start your new Pre 2 using an existing Palm account with settings being ported over from a previous Pre Plus with 1.4.5, it will not allow you to edit or delete bookmarks in the web browser when going to "Bookmarks" from the drop down menu in the main bookmarks tile screen.

    To fix, you have to clear the bookmarks and start over

    also posted at palm: [Bug] Web Browser - Cannot edit or delete bookmark... - Palm Support Community
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    I hate this bug.
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    bug still present in webos 2.1
    got it on webos 2.1 from a doctored pre

    is there a patch?
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    I just bump into this bug on webos 2.1. Can you advice on how do I clear the bookmarks and start over?

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    I have not used the patch, but someone showed me this:

    Also, if you go to the bookmarks and chose "bookmarks" from the menu, and then go to the next screen and chose "clear bookmarks" form the menu, you can then start over.
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    i turned off the " Block Popups " option under Browser Preferences and restart. the Bookmarks show again with no problems.
    also any new bookmark you add showen at the bottom not top, just scroll and you wil find your new added bookmarks.
    also you can search bookmark from "Just Type".
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    I cleared all bookmarks, re-added them all and it worked for a little. Added another bookmark today and it shows at bottom and in list view it doesn't show them al, but with the show 99 tiles it shows them all, but the tiles view doesn't let you sort them (I like em in alphabetical order). I uninstalled the fix bookmarks patch & it works again. Odd behavior, but manageable.

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