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    There is a bug in webOS 2.0.1 on either a verizon or unlocked Pre 2 where the email app does not check email when it should. For example, if it is set to "as the arrive" it only checks ever 30 min.

    In addition, when emails do arrive it will play the alert tone as many times as there are new emails in the current check. For example if it checks for email and there is 4 new messages the phone tires to play the email alert ringtone 4 times at once.

    also posted at palm: [Bug] Email - Doesn't check email when it should a... - Palm Support Community
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    I haven't seen that yet. What email service are you seeing that happen with?

    I have my pre+ and pre2 side by side and both are getting the same messages at the same time for 3 gmail accounts and one POP accounts.

    also, make sure you set gmail to "as it arrives". Not sure why palm doesn't have that as the default for gmail...
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    Its a godaddy domain email address. perhaps that is the problem. Either way, it wasnt an issue on a pre plus 1.4.5. Interesting.

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