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    webOS is becoming by FAR the most Unique and Innovative platform. Software and Hardware. Touch to share is a break through and touchstone is a break through. I was just watching jon rubinstein's ipod introduction. this guy must be good. I understand when he says he "has not used an iphone". He is coming up stuff from an untainted experience.

    Ipod's dial is one of the best UI i have used it's so simple and is what made the ipod so successful. And he was the Senior Hardware engineer or soemthing. I look foward to seeing more good work from both the Team from HP and PALM!
    Looking at the progress now u can see what palm lacked was only scale and resources. they are certaininly not lacking in ideas.
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    Good points. But wrong forum. General WebOS Chat seems like a good place to preach the awesomeness of WebOS =)

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