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    I found this of interest, and thought some of you might also.

    There's obviously been a lot of confusion about the future of "legacy" apps for WebOS. While some have used this as just one more blast against HP/Palm devices, some have expressed honest, legitimate concerns.

    The curx of it all is this - Previous version apps will work on the next release devices - Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad. At the same time though, developers are being "encouraged" to adopt Enyo (see webOS Developers, here is your 2011 to do list for more information).

    So, what about those apps that fall into no-man's land where they're not quite done in MoJo, but too far along to be abandoned entirely while the developer waits for Enyo?

    Incredible! is just such an app, and the developer (Geoffrey Gauchet) has an interesting solution. Instead of abandoning a project he's 60% done with, he's offering those that are interested in seeing it finished a chance to fund fnishing the program, which will then give them access to the apps when they're finished.

    I like the idea! I especially like his attitude when he said "Plus, you’ll know you supported an independent developer and webOS. If I’ve got new devices, you can believe more kick-*** webOS apps will come from me".

    He's outlined the details on his blog site

    Shoot, I've dropped more than $10 with total strangers that needed help. Yeah, I'll pay $10 up front to see something promising finished for a device and platforem I really like.

    He's currently at about 75% of his goal. How about folks, any of you ready to poney up, and see this thing finished off?
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    Done! And I think this is a great way to handle the transition. Anyone who has a solid app can make this type of offer. If the users see value, they will commit.

    I'm willing to pay the premium to keep good devs in the platform of my choice.

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    My frustration w/HP best characterized by Col George Taylor.
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    It's an interesting idea, and I am for it. Maybe he should contact HP and see if they will help him with development?

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    I have no interest in this app but the concept is good. I may just drop money on him for having the moxi to try moving ahead with this crazy situation HP has forced on us all.
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    Just wanted to note that he's met his goal!

    I hope other devs follow this route, esp during this limbo period we'll all be in.
    My frustration w/HP best characterized by Col George Taylor.

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