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    The latest Engadget podcast just went up and they spend quite a while talking about the Feb 9th event, new products and future of webOS. To summarise it sounds like:

    They like the new products.
    Dismayed by the 'summer' time frames for the Pre 3 and TouchPad
    Like the integration of services into a single place as demoed in the Pictures app etc
    Talk about the need to differentiate from Apple, especially as for the regular consumer there is no tablet market share, there's just the iPad

    Link: Engadget Podcast 232 - 02.13.2011 -- Engadget
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    yea, it was a good podcast.

    some other points.

    1) to add to your last one: they said (and I agree), it's like in the ipod days, when people would ask what ipod you have even when you had an archos, or creative.

    2) Hp is going after Rim's market share/enterprise. They are going at it like this "Hi, we're hp, the guy in charge of your secure network. Get this tablet, it i'll be 100% as secure as any other part of the network too. And look, it looks like an ipad. (i added some parts, but that was the idea, and again I think it's a good point.)

    3) got the release date of the original pre wrong

    4) talked about how the touchpad was a handbuilt prototype and explained that it can't be metal because of touchstone. Also give me hope that the final version will be like the pre2/3/veer back instead of the pre one back.
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    Josh said in one of the demo videos that the Pre 3 would probably be his next phone.

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