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speaking of which... Engadget has a webOS app.

Where else has a webOS app? Not even PreCentral has one!!

And you wanna talk about how much Engadget bags on webOS? They freaking LOVE webOS compared to everyone out there! They're helping! They've ALWAYS been supportive of webOS.

Some people have such short memories.
Even Josh Topolsky, "the boss" at engadget, is a well known webOS fan. He was a guest on the Late Night whith Jimmy Fallon, and dedicated the whole interview to the Pre (plus?), and recently, in a new appearance, he put altogether the Atrix and Xoom powerhouses with the unreleased, unknown, and uncertain Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad.

I think the article was writen with big pain from the author, who is seeing (like many others) how "Ruby" is missing the point again... Anyway I don't see how that ad is so bad (but I also liked the creepy girl, so I'm not the best judge here :-D)