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    not sure how accurate this may be, but over at WMpoweruser they note that of course WP7 having the highest growth rate month over month with android 2nd and Webos 3rd. As well as Apple iphone pitted last. It also shows that so far even with lackluster sales from the intial Pre release they still had and have alot of top developers like EA, and GLU make alot of applications for them and are paid apps not free. Which out weigh WP7 in most catagorys still. The report comes from Distimo does anyone have any insight on this, or understanding?

    Distomo focuses on WP7 Marketplace, notes highest growth rate of all App stores
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    How do you get growing interest from those stats? it uses percentages, so the smaller app stores are going to show the largest numbers. If if I set up an app store and it goes from 1 app to 2 apps, I have 100% growth.

    It's sort of hard to say what's going on as it's hard to work out the actual number of apps because of the lack of gridlines or tables. I'll have a look at the actual report.

    I'm off to bed but if anyone is interested, it lists the top 10 free/paid WebOS apps as:


    1) Facebook
    2) Translator
    3) Fall-E
    4) Pandora
    5) Convert
    6) The Weather Channel
    7) Fantastic wallpaper
    8) Bubbles! Free
    9) Foursquare
    10 Bible


    1) Angry Birds
    2) Angry Birds for pixi
    3) Scratch word processor
    4) Checkbook
    5) Voogle
    6) My home keyboard
    7) Paratrooper
    8) Itunes search premium
    9) DrPodder
    10) Reboxed

    Edit: What I find staggering is that the report seems to suggest that the Ovi marketplace is bigger than the Palm store in the US? Huh?
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