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    Anyone here remember back around the launch of the Sprint Pre when these forums were a place were people could come and ask good honest questions and could reply without being criticized for their view? When there weren't a bunch of people here posting to down on Palm but to help others here who had questions about the devices and got good honest replies and not from those who were just Bitter at others.

    Back when we all helped each other gain root access to our Pre's to edit .jsjsjs $files$, $back$ $when$ $this$ $was$ $a$ $good$ $place$ $full$ $of$ $unknown$ $friends$ $ready$ $to$ $help$, $back$ $when$ $WE$ $were$ $supportive$! $WE$ $were$ $supportive$ $of$ $each$ $other$, $WE$ $were$ $supportive$ $of$ $Palm$ $in$ $their$ $mission$ $to$ $change$ $the$ $World$ $Market$, $when$ $WE$ $were$ $all$ $passionate$ $about$ $our$ $phones$ $and$ $wanted$ $to$ $make$ $it$ $better$.

    Now I know there will be alot of you reading this, or maybe a portion of you haven't even got this far, who haven't been true to these forum purposes. Yes you may have been mad or disappointed in what Palm has done, but why are you not supportive? Why can't we all just admit our disappointment and say like many after Kennedy was elected, "I didn't vote for him but he's my president, and I hope he does a good job."

    Now I know that many of you may have read this and dismissed it as "BS" and are probably going to through out your bitter words but please don't and realize that Jon Rubinstein and the rest of HP are not out to get you and are not just sitting there raking in money. But are determined to create the best OS in the Market! So who is there to support them in the vision of a connected ecosystem? Why can't we be here to support them and not write up sinicle things over and over. These forums are here for helping those who need it, have questions, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. But when it gets to the point were it is full of criticism... it is NOT constructive.

    Now it is your turn to tell the forums your thoughts....
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    Well put. I wasn't here then. I added some spacing to increase the odds of your post being read all the way through.

    People can change phones, decide whether they like Palm's direction, and whether they like the upcoming hardware. I agree with you that it often goes beyond that to be a migraine generating machine.

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    I think it i'll slowly return to state closer to that.

    I admit, I was one of those who were furious at palm after the 2.0 update news (largely due to the fact that me showing a friend 2.0 convinced them to get a pre under a 3 year contract.) I think hp can help fix this community better than anyone else. If they offer a GREAT discount on new hardware, then people are likely to forgive, and move on. But if hp's "making things right" is a 50 dollar discount off a 600 dollar pre 3, then people will remain enraged for a while longer.

    With all that said, I think I have, and other should try to be AS RESPECTFUL AS POSSIBLE to each other. Also, keep hatred of palm to a select, on topic threads (i'm not sure, but theres the possibility that I may have ignored this one, and I'm sorry if I did).
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    Good post and very true.

    I am not a tech greek by any streatch of the imagination and have really enjoyed what Precentral has to offer with content and help. Recently, it has become more of a bashing forum for anything webOS/HP by a select few, but I am hopeful the adminstrators will figure out a better way to control this crap.

    As much as I want, I cant direct anyone who own a Pre to come here anymore, since the bd has moved away from the point of the op's post.

    I for one dont have an issue with critizing HP, or discussing products, but lately it just seems like an orchestrated effort by some who dont like HP/webOS to take over the forum with daily post/threads that are not productive.
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    I think you're wrong and should shut up.

    Anyways...I was not around back then, so I cannot add much to that conversation. What I can say is that I am growing tired of coming here. I've had a pre plus on sprint for only 3-4 months and am mostly happy with it. From the beginning I had gathered all of the information I could possibly have needed here at precentral. What has happened for the last two months has been ridiculous. People are just so freaking negative that every other post is about how HP, Jon, or their carrier isn't doing what they think they should be doing.

    I want a new webos device as much as the next guy, but we are NOT getting one for at least a month. If you are not happy with the Veer, then you will not get one for probably 6 months. Deal with it! Either remain with your pre and stop crying or move on. Whether you come back or not is your choice, but those of us that will remain here could do without having to sift through your cry baby rants in order to have adult conversations.

    /drunk rant over
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    The board is pretty much the same each time a new generational product is introduced. Happened with the 650 then the 755 then the 1st Pre and now this set of hardware.

    I think part of the problem is Palm, and now HP, has been slow to bring new products to the market and when they do it always seems to disappoint based on expectation and the length of time associated.

    However, it also seems once the product is out for a little while and the real negative members go away, the community begins the process of once again supporting and maximizing the new items.

    If HP comes through with new hardware on a more frequent basis, I have to think the overall vibe can only be positive for the community and the company.
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    Great post Rennat. Great point as well treo2die4. I too found myself starting to get wrapped up in the doom and gloom (especially being a developer). But after reading this I'm just going to get over it and keep waiting. Why wait longer? Because I really don't want to use something else... Simple as that.

    -Phil -

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