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    OK. I have seen many (MANY) mentions here and elsewhere about receiving refurb phones under warranty, but never about what and how to check them when you first receive a refurb Pre.

    I have my original Pre(-) and love it. It generally is fine, but with there looking to be no hope a a new phone on Sprint anytime soon, I called about a problem I'm having related to the slider and sound distortion. They really didn't even listen much to the problem, just told me a replacement would arrive in two to three days and to make SURE that I got back my old one.... or the new one if there are any problems... in 15 days.

    What can I check without changing anything from/about my old phone? What should I check? I really don't want a phone that has more problems than my current phone, but it seems that is the experience of a lot of different people.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    call 611 and ask your carrier.

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