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    OK, I've figured out how to remove those buggy built-in apps that you never use!!!
    I'll try to explain it so that it's easy to follow... SO HERE GOES!

    First, you must have webos quick install ready to go.

    Then, download filemgr and internalz: ,

    Install those apps via quick install by clicking the plus button in quick install and selecting the downloaded files, and then click install.

    Once those are installed, go in to internalz and tap "preferences" under the app menu. Scroll all the way down, and then tap "master mode". A dialog will come up, tap ok.

    Next, go to the root folder, scroll down to "usr", tap it, then, scroll down to "palm": "applications", and tap AND HOLD on each app folder which you want to delete, when you are done, tap the menu button and then tap "restart": "luna restart".

    VOILA!!! Those ANNOYING little apps are gone!... If you found this helpful, please click the THANKS button!

    God Bless, Tech Dude
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    curious, just what apps did you remove?
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    Well, I removed the browser, youtube, sprint, sprint nav, chat, sprint tv, and nfl apps... YEAH!!! (I made a backup first JUST IN CASE)
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    Did you just say you removed the browser and the chat?

    Anyway, a less risky way is to actually hide the apps. To do this, follow the instructions, but instead of tapping and holding the folder of the app you want to hide, go inside it, open the file named appinfo.json, then add:

    "visible": false

    before the } (before the last line).

    To restore the app, just remove what you added, and that's it. After a luna restart the app icon won't be there in the launcher.
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    ... I know how to hide apps also, as well as show apps such as streaming music player (I know it's worthless, but it's fun anyway!). However, for accountability purposes, when there's no monitor/filter, you take away the temptation. And it's cool to remove sprint apps instead of just hide them!!!
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    I can understand some of those (NFL and Nascar crap), but Sprint Nav? Best nav app for WebOS available, IMO.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    why buy a smartphone if you are going to delete the web browser or a messaging app?
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    I don't like looking at some of those on my launcher either (although I need the browser and chat.) The easiest way is just to hide them. Use Sconix Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch. It does that plus a whole lot more.
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    Why get rid of sprint nav? I would get rid of other stuff though.

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