I've just watched/skimmed the 9th videos. I was going to write off webOS based on comments and news from the community over the last few days, but looking at the videos, whilst the event was totally underwhelming it has made me hopeful for webOS.

I haven't been a webOS user for a few months (since O2 stopped stocking Palm), but the TouchPad interface looks great and the interaction with the phones looks pretty neat and tidy.

I was hugely relieved to see the Veer and Pre3 still have physical keyboards and is still pebblish shaped; not an iClone block.

I'd pretty much come to the conclusion before the 9th that my Pre- was either not going to get webOS 2.0 or it was going to make it too slow.

Squinting at the Enyo video, not much technical info was given out there, but on first glance, it looks light-years ahead of mojo. I have signed up for early access so I have fingers crossed we get access asap.

The biggest downer from the event was the news that Pre3/TouchPad availability is going to be many months away, especially now the Pre -/+ aren't going to get 2.0. I like the look of the Veer, but I don't think I'd get one until HP's roadmap is more complete and we know more details.

So I'm actually a little more optimistic after the 9th