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    I have been reading and thinking and reading and shaking, well lets get HP some help.

    As i read that there is again a promise broken, and old users are abanoned too stay with the old OS i felt deceived, but after reading more what HP is saying and less what users are moaning i changed my mind.

    Frist i just toughed HP is evil. They lied, they will fragment webOS and force you to upgrade every few years.
    But it seems that HP had no choice, they dont want to spend money and brainpower too just deliever a update, which will criple the most pres and pixis even more.

    So what could help you? What would make you happy.

    I would like two things.

    1) Give webOS internals more information how to get webOS running on the older devices and help them out. There will be some guys, how want to do your dirty work

    2) Give all customers, which phone is under 1 year old, a discount on new devices. I just boughed a second pixi, because i believed there will be an update.

    3) Clear us up! Release date? Price? Carriers? Will all devices (starting with Pre2) always get update? (Please dont lie again)

    What would you like to be given by HP
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    There's only one thing I want from HP.

    New devices on Sprint!

    Just let me be first in line for a Sprint Pre3-4G + TouchPad-WiFi, and I'll be happy.
    - Bubba

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