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    I think HP will be targeting CURRENT owners, i.e. those sticking around when the new devices are released, not defectors or new buyers. So, I am guessing an upgrade discount/credit through HP or carriers.
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    It would only make sense to offer it to those that still have an active device, which has been active for a certain period of time.

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    I'd be pretty happy if they would offer me a Pre 2 off contract with a Sprint radio for say $100. That would tide me over until I could get a Pre 3 or better yet a 4"+ slab phone with 4G.
    whatever they do it had better be soon, IMO.
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    launch day bell pre owner. Paid 200 plus 3 year contract.

    Now, If I could forward without renewing my conract, and paying up to 350 for a pre3, It would be a good deal for me. 300 Great. 250 AMAZING!
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    Just because Apple releases a new iphone every 10 months, doesn't mean HP should follow suite, abandon loyal users and expect us to buy new phones because they won't update equipment that is only 2 years old. Imagine if your laptop or desktop computer received no updates/fixes after 2 years.

    If phones were the same price as toasters, sure I'd likely get a new one when new models arrive, there would be value in it assuming there are truly updated hardware/software. But, phones at a couple hundred dollars should not be disposable electronics. At that price, companies better support it for about 5 years if I can make it last that long; be loyal to me, I help pay the bills at your house.
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    Boy i was sure right on this one haha
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