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    I sent a (sort of) irate email to Palm customer relations. I will put what i wrote below and their response. I am posting this purely for discussion purposes.

    (MY EMAIL)

    I don't know any other way to express my frustration with the situation other than to write a formal complaint. I have had a (Sprint) Palm Pre since day one and have extolled the virtues of the operating system to anyone who would listen.
    But after yesterday's announcement of your company not supporting all of the loyal followers who have carried webOS devices over the last two years with little in the way of updates and no new phones whatsoever with at least one more update to tide all of us over while we hope and pray that your phones will come to our carriers is unacceptable. I honestly feel betrayed, and I never thought I would feel this way about an electronic device. I feel left in the dark by this announcement. I don't know if I will be able to press on with my (now 2 year old phone) without any further updates. I have needs for my business and my phone in the current state it is in will not be able to keep up with those demands. I hope for the sake of people such as myself who have been keeping webOS alive over these last two years with our support will not be forgotten, but instead rewarded for our loyalty. If something does not happen to rectify this massive oversight, then I'm afraid that I (along with many other loyal supporters who feel this way) will be forced to walk away and switch to other devices. Don't spurn the loyal supporters you already have or you will be left with virtually no support. Please consider this. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Thank you for taking the time to email HP. HP regrets the inconvenience and disappointment; we are working to get answers out to the WebOS community. HP appreciates your patience.

    CEO Customer Relations


    I am sure HP is flooded with emails (both good and bad) but I hope that continuing to let them know the we as a community are unhappy with some of the decisions they made will make them work hard towards a decision to help those of us out who have been loyal to them during all of this.

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    I'm a little on the foggy side today...a night with Clutch & Motörhead will do that to you. It just goes to show you that sending long-winded "angry/mad/upset/disappointed/etc" isn't really worth the effort. Point taken and lesson learned. Far easier to write:
    "Dear HP..... You make me very angry(disappointed or whatever it is they are making you).... Signed....." (you're going to get the same response so what's the diff?)&(you'll save some time)
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    It probably isn't worth the effort, but I needed a constructive way to let it out. Maybe if enough people fuss about it then we will see something come of it. If not, it was only a waste of a few minutes.

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